Friday, July 15, 2011

Late bloomer

Can you see her?  Isn't she cute?  This is our first little crop.  Our little baby tomato.  Elizabeth loves to sing to it and talk in baby voices to it.  We were late getting our plants in the ground due to the move, but they are taking to this dirt like they love it.  Mom helped me lay them out and plan their spacing (I've never done this before...can you tell?).  The girls are both good "helpers" in watering the plants and playing in the water hose and keeping an eye out for dog poop.  

Here's another angle.  They left these raised beds in the yard...can you believe how lucky we were??  Tonya gave me a tutorial in staking, which I still need to do with a couple of these fellas.  But mom had brought the cages with her on her last visit so we decided to go ahead and use them.

We have tomatoes in the back and jalapenos in the front and marigolds to the side...because my grandma said they attract bugs and will keep them away from the veggies.

The other bed (from L to R) is a salad mix (which always makes me laugh thinking of Donna's adventures with lettuce and bugs), green peppers and basil.  I'm wondering if I need to stake the green peppers or if they'll just be fine on their own?  What do you think?

Here is the blueberry patch.  I'm not so sure I've done justice to this one, as it bloomed and produced fruit but they didn't get real big or colored...not that I was really sure what to look for but they just didn't look ready for muffins.  So, I'll just keep my eyes on these guys. 

Ah...summer...I love it!  Well, and Fridays too!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. You shouldn't need to stake your green peppers. This year is my first garden too, but I have an old pro (my mother in law) helping, and we got our plants in early. The peppers don't vine and they stand up just fine on their own. And are very tasty for frying up with potatoes and onions, yum. I love being able to walk into the backyard and return with food in my hand!