Thursday, June 23, 2011

Because sometimes you just need breakfast for dinner...

My kids are starving.

Since snacks, we rode bikes (or argued about who was going to ride what and took turns pushing each other off and screaming), took a walk (or got spanked as we ran into various neighbor's yards), played hide and seek in the backyard and just ran around the house like normal banshees.

And now they're famished.

We've been eating pretty clean (more on that later) so most dinners this week have resulted in my children devouring whatever carb they could find on the table and leaving the meat and vegetables on their plates.  Looking at the leftovers in the fridge, I knew I would have a battle on my hands.

And my husband is going to be home late.  

And I just have no more fight left in me.

So I fixed cheesy eggs and toast for dinner...

And there was much rejoicing!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, June 20, 2011


She doesn't get this from me...

And yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you...that's the kiddie table in the kitchen (thank you to Ms. Susan's generosity...our wonderful Realtor...who also gave us this house, according to Elizabeth).  I figure this way, they can sit in here and have snacks and color and play while I work.  Well, and dance, I guess...ha!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I was thinking last night about the Father's and Mother's Day before Elizabeth was born.  We were so excited for our new baby and bought each other cards and little gifts and said, "Next year, this will be for real!"

And by last night, I mean at 2:15 a.m. when I was rocking my big girl while her daddy changed the sheets on her bed after yet another accident in the new house.  I probably don't have to tell you that it doesn't get any more real than at 2 a.m.

I figure these things are common and she's played hard, drank a lot of ice water (since we now have an ice machine in our freezer, everything needs ice!) and slept hard enough to miss the call to the potty.  

So he stripped the linens while I rocked her back to sleep and then put her in bed.
After getting her down last night, I crawled back under the covers and he sleepily told me about how she woke him up this time. The way that our bed is situated, Scott is closest to the door and heard Elizabeth's door open last night.  Upon the sound, he shut his eyes just for a second - only to open them to pee-pee pj's being stuck in his face.

"Daddy, I pee'd.  I sorry."  Extra thrust of the wet pajama bottoms.

That'll get you up.

"Well...," having nothing else to say, "Happy Father's Day, Baby," I laughed and then we went back to sleep.

I think moving is hard on adults, but it's taken a while for the girls to adjust.  Elizabeth was pretty confused on the fact that we were now going to live in this house all the time, and not go back to our old house, our old church, or our old Y.  We've had family come in to help us get situated so every couple days, there's someone new here to visit. 

But the thing they have not had to adjust to and just can't get enough of is their daddy.  Before, he drove at least 45 minutes (without traffic) one way to get to work.  Now, he is six miles away.  SIX MILES!!!  So we get to have breakfast with him and sometimes lunch and he always gets home to play a little bit before dinner.  

Daddy's new happy hour

Now that's a Father's Day every day in our house.

Where the girls would stand by the door and look for him, he now comes in and surprises them.  He can go for walks and play with princess puzzles and eat pretend food and drink their pretend coffee.  

Life is a blessing, can I tell you?  

Daddy and girls after a Saturday morning breakfast out.
Just as we never take having our weekends together for granted, after so many years of coaching and spending them apart, I don't think we'll ever overlook this extra gift of time.  Not to say that the time apart wasn't always for good...but it just wasn't together.

So my husband, this is for you...Happy Father's Day.  Your girls love you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ya'll Got Internet?

Folks, the move is complete.  

And I think I just started on the recovery stage.

We scheduled movers...then we canceled movers and recruited my sister and her friend to hoss furniture with us.

We had a yard sale, made some money, ordered new living room furniture, and then waited a week and a half for it to be delivered while we sat on the floor.  

I have said, "Don't climb on that.  Don't touch that.  Don't pick that up.  SIT ON YOUR BOTTOM COMING DOWN THE STAIRS! (And most popular) Don't bite your sister!!"  at least 1,647 times in the past week.  

We have made 47 trips to Lowes...and I still think of stuff I need...

And - more importantly - we now have Internet.

Which brings up another story.

Five years ago next month, my then-new husband and I set out for Jamaica for our honeymoon.  He had recruited one of his wrestlers to stay at the house and watch our dog Tina.  We were having a wonderful time...soaking up sun, enjoying the all-inclusive life style, doing things that honeymooners do  (ahem)...when we noticed that Scott had missed a call from our dog sitter on his phone.  

"It's probably nothing," he said.  

"There's something wrong with Tina!" I cried.  

Imagining the worst, I forced my husband to call him back and after a panicked couple seconds, Scott was greeted with the question of the century...

"Ya'll got Internet here?"

Now this was before we were so dependent on the Internet that we have it on our fancy-shmancy phones and we could not afford to have it at our house nor could we even get it way out in Cowpens, SC.  

And the fact that that was the sole call we got on our honeymoon was indeed funny and my husband has gotten great fun in texting me all week asking if ya'll got Internet yet?

So, my friends, we do.  And I will be back soon.  I promise.  (Yes...with pictures!  Ok, and my children.  And FINE!  Workouts!)

Friday, June 3, 2011

We interrupt this workout for a yard sale

Nothing like asking people come to your house and look through your junk.  Although, I have to admit...I LOVE a yard sale.  

I had tried to Spring Clean a couple months ago and did take a bunch of bags to Goodwill but there were some things that I just couldn't GIVE away.  So when my Grandmother gave us a bunch of furniture for our new house, we decided to give yet another yard sale a go.

And I'm just a little bit nervous.  

You see, this will be my first solo yard sale - and by solo, I mean without a girlfriend to help support in the bargaining process.  You know the people that come in and try to talk 50 cents down to 25 and offer you $5 on something you have listed for $25?  After a while, you just need someone to walk up behind you and say, "No, that's the price...right there, on the hot pink sticker."  

I think we've had yard sales before every move and I've never been short on adventures - or girl friends.  Amanda and Tammy helped us in our flop of a sale in Cowpens.  Kelli sat and drank coffee all day with me in Inman before we moved to TN.  But my favorite would have to be our sale in Boiling Springs, NC.  

I had recruited quite a sales force and started at a bright and early 6 a.m. (tomorrow, we are starting at things change!).  Kathi and Suzanne came over during the day and Jenny made and sold sausage biscuits, which were wonderful.  This also happened to be the day that my big, hunky stud-muffin was moving into my house.  

Ah yes...he's still got it!  Although I think his dad qualities makes him hunkier than ever!
Of course we were so poor (as GA's) that we couldn't even afford a U-Haul so he borrowed someone's truck and hossed all the furniture in the house himself.  I will never forget my friend's faces as he (shirtless) lifted an armoire out of the back of that truck.  I mean, it was a Diet Coke commercial in the making.

And I guess it was good for business, because we sold everything that day! 

Now, the real question is...what heavy lifting can I plan for my husband tomorrow??  ;)

Have a great day, my friends!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working out a week before a move...

I tell you what, I know of no one that enjoys moving.  The past week, we had to sign our life away om a new mortgage, call and cancel utilities at this house, arrange for utilities to be turned on at the new house, arrange for movers, beg family members to come help (just kidding...they are coming willingly!!), and stop at every liquor store in town with my two little children, hunting for boxes.

And you think you get funny looks.

Now, the average person may feel that all the packing and lifting and cleaning would be workout enough.  

However, the average person may not have our two, very active children.  

Whatcha doin', Mama??
Five straight hours in the house and, at the end of the day, Scott walks into a live rendition of the Family Circus in our living room.  

So, off to the Y we trudge every morning, even though Mommy has so much to do at home - all in the name of getting my children an hour on the playground.

For me, it's all about maintaining at this point.  I know that next week will be full of hodge podge and take-out dinners on paper plates and no dining room table, if we luck out in selling it at the yard sale this weekend.  Oh and maybe just teensy bit of ice cream, since that has been my stress go-to lately...hey, we all have our vices, right??

I have no time to plan my workout so I go into what I refer to as Stream of Consciousness Workout mode, which basically means that whatever I'm feeling at the moment, combined with the equipment that's free is what I do.  Sometimes, it turns out horribly, but today's wasn't too bad, so I wanted to share it with you.  If you have the time to write it down and take it to the gym with you (ha!), let me know what you think.

Today's Stream of Consciousness Workout
Treadmill run - 20 minutes at 6.0 (I had to get my Joyce Meyer fix in and this pace was perfect)
3 x 12 super-set (meaning switching back and forth)
     DB snatches and push-ups
     Bicep curls using the bar (40 lbs) and body weight squats on the Bosu ball
     Bent over rows using the bar and backwards lunges holding a 15 lb ball over your head
 3 x 12 straight sets
     Abductor machine
    Adductor machine (I had a student-athlete call this a "good girl / bad girl" machine...pretty self explanatory there)
     Ab wheel

I got finished in about 50 minutes and my children were sufficiently worn out which - in theory - would have resulted in a great, long nap time.

However, my children have never really cared about theories...  :)