Monday, November 10, 2014

The New Master

Oh've been waiting for this.  And I've been busy doing everything but writing.

Actually, I've really wanted to get the house finished and all pretty and THEN post pictures.  But I've finally come to the realization that THAT just wasn't going to happen.  So you get to see it as it actually is.

You know, everyone asks me how it is now that the addition is built.  And let me tell's life changing.  We have so much space now and everything gets to have a home.  I'm unpacking boxes from when we moved in!  The whole process is time consuming, but in a very good way.  This is the entrance to the rest of the house - there used to be a wall there.  I love that we carried the same flooring and color through.  It really makes it all look like it's supposed to be there.  Well, I think so.  ;)

The master bedroom is where the dogs live, mainly because it's the only room that has carpeting downstairs.  It's a shag and has a lot of different colors in it.  Which is good...because it hides the dirt...ha!

View from the bathroom.  The window looks out onto the deck.

Into the hallway.  That's her, "Mama, I need a snack" face.  

Tina's corner.  "Oh, you're doing a photo shoot?  I won't get up.  Don't worry."

Ok, that's one room down, about a million to go.  Thanks for being patient with me, dear friends!  And thanks for loving on us through the renovation!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Family photo shoot...shoot me now!

So I was looking at the family pictures on my wall the other day, crying about how little my babies used to be.

This was our first trip to church with floopy Elizabeth.
The Christmas before Caleb was born.
The beach after Caleb was born.
Last year's professional beach session.
And then it dawned on me that we haven't had any decent family shots taken this year.  Well, unless you count these bad boys...
Easter...glorious Easter!  (Caleb didn't care that He had risen...)

Before church one Sunday.  Two out of three cooperated.
So I found a fantastic deal and booked a local photographer that's done a good job for some friends of ours.  I picked out outfits - which is a painstaking process, when you have a two-year-old that prides himself in wearing super hero shirts every day - and just prayed that we would have no rain when the big day came up and that there would still be some leaves on the trees.

Oh and that we would get one decent shot for this year's Christmas cards.

So this weekend rolled around and, I kid you not, Caleb hit his head on something every day.  He has a goose egg on his forehead, one in between his eyes and some sort of rash breaking out on his cheek.  Awesome.  And I have had no fewer than three zits on my chin.  When was my last acne attack?  I couldn't tell you.  But today, I have three.

God bless Photoshop.

As luck would have it, we had a beautiful fall day today - it was 60 and sunny and the leaves were just gorgeous.  Caleb was crabby and whiny in the beginning, Rachel was crabby and whiny at the end and Elizabeth...well she posed through the whole thing.

Let me stop here and say that my oldest is pretty much unaware of social media.  So I have no idea where she got that she needs to put one hand on her hip and do a kissy face any time someone pulls out a camera.  But that's been the latest trend.  All.the.time.

And she kissy faced and posed her way through all our pictures.  In fact, I am just hopeful that we have ONE that she is simply smiling that I can send my grandmother.

And I started to steam until I remembered a certain photo shoot when yours truly was around seven.  My mom did an awesome job having pictures made.  She bought the packages at a local photo place and we went every six months or so and had group shots and individuals done.  Well, I remember vividly that Allison was young and Andrea was a baby, so I'm sure my mom was just thrilled to sit in a chair without small people mauling her.  And somewhere I got the idea to curl my upper lip into my teeth when I smiled.  

Oh Lord, please no.  My stomach still churns at the thought of it.

I did it through the whole thing.  All the pictures.  I thought my mom was going to kill me when she got them back and saw my goofy smile.  

And of course, that very thing popped in my head while Elizabeth blew kisses at the camera today.  (That was YOU.  SHE IS YOUR CHILD!)

Good gracious.  We get them back in three days.  Here's hoping to at least ONE good one.  One more than my mom got way back when. 

:)  Cheers friends!