Friday, September 26, 2014

Potty all the time

Good gracious, I really thought I had experienced most parenting obstacles...and then I started potty training a boy.

Really, he started training himself.  We had been going to the potty before baths and just sitting on it a little bit here and there until one day, Caleb decided he DID NOT want to wear diapers and WANTED to "doe in da pobby, mama."  

This was one week before preschool started, mind you.  *Sigh*  And so we began.

Now, I should have started him at the beginning of the summer.  That's what I said I was going to do.  That's what I aimed to do.  But people, I was so tired,  And just letting him wear diapers was so darn easy.  

But whatever, so we started.  

Now, I have to tell you - as much as I moan and groan, it has really been easier than what I expected.  I potty train by stripping them naked at home and then gradually adding clothes back on.  Little did I know that this would be the boy's wheel house and this whole no-clothes thing would be his new favorite past time.  So we had gotten well past the point of figuring out when we had to go and he still refused to put clothes back on.

I am still apologizing for the early anatomy lesson to most of my friends who brought their little girls to my house to play.  Oh don't mind Caleb being naked...sorry!  Sorry, Mr. electrician!  We're potty training...  So sorry Mr. UPS man about my son standing at the door, smashed up against the glass...naked...

I swear, I should have made a yard sign.  

Him running out behind me to get Elizabeth from the bus...naked as a jay bird and the bus driver just laughing and waving.  I really do have a million of these.

The solution to my little pint-sized David?  Super hero underpants.  Once he saw those bad boys, he was over being naked.  And ran around in just his underwear for a while - which I'm not really sure was any better.

Besides the streaking, the hardest thing for me to get over was the cleanliness issue of boys and bathrooms.  And I hear this will not improve.  I've heard it from lots of people.  Thanks a lot for building me up, people. 

However, I was not prepared to live in a Clorox commercial 24/7.  

Like the time he came downstairs to tell me that he pee-peed in the potty...carrying the potty with him.  (Slosh, slosh, slosh)

Or when he called for me from the stairs that he had poo-poo'd.  And he was sitting (yes naked) on the stairs.  

(My poor stairs...)

But the story to top it all off came when Scott was out of town for a weekend.  I was in full survival mode and was just trying to keep the house from falling over.  Caleb was still naked most of the time and all three kids were just pills from the adjustment of school starting.  Well there was this leaf in the hallway that I had assumed the dogs brought in and I kept stepping over it and walking around it.  

Until one time, I accidentally stepped on it.  And it wasn't a leaf.  

It was a little squashed poopie. 


Happy weekend, sweet friends!

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  1. You had me laughing out loud! I love you! Thanks for sharing your stories.