Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trim and Paint!

It's officially 10:15 p.m. and I just found my camera cord so I can download these pics of what's going on in the addition.  These are the lives of crazy people... :)

So much is happening every day, it's hard for me to keep up and get in there to take pictures before it gets dark.  But I grabbed these today and I'll try to get more before the weekend for inquiring minds that want to know. 

First, we lost the big, noisy old air conditioner and gained this lovely hole in the side of the house.  We gained a new pretty one on the other side of the addition (I forgot to take a picture).   The new brick is going in here tomorrow.  Scott and I have sat on the deck the past two nights and have just loved the quiet of not having it right there.

Entrance with walls and trim and concrete board on the floor.

Office.  I still can't get over how much light these sun tubes put out.  

Here's where the entrance will be into the house, leaving the brick exposed from the fireplace.  I think it'll look pretty neat.  They're supposed to cut this either tomorrow or Friday.  Then, they will have a full time helper in Caleb. 

This is how they painted the doors (this is the bedroom).  I thought it was so neat!  Hopefully, these will be done and hung back up tomorrow.

They started on the color in the bedroom.  It's a sea it?

Cement in the shower stall.

And that's it so far!  Please keep the prayers coming!  I'm off to bed.  ;)  Goodnight, my friends!