Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back on the Wagon Again Workout

Well, my friends, today was the day…

My in-laws are in town and volunteered to watch Caleb.  I was able to squeeze myself into one of the two non-maternity shirts and pair of pants that fit.  I dug out my ipod.  I laced up my tennis shoes.


(oh, you guessed it…

I began my quest for my PRE-BABY BODY BACK!! 

It's a trip I've been on before and I have to tell you that this journey is entirely personal.  The one piece of universal advice I've gathered from mothers everywhere on getting back in shape is to listen to your body.  So I've listened.

And today was the day.  

Now, I won't tell you I feel 100% because my insides still feel...well, mushy.  Like I just had a baby about a month ago.  So I didn't break any records today - just a sweat, which was all I was after.  

Diet wise, Scott and I have jumped on the Paleo wagon, although I have to admit that I keep one foot dragging in the dirt while he is fully on board.  If you're not familiar with it, it's basically all meat, vegetables and fruit - no grains, dairy or legumes.  This has been a pretty easy task in the Spring, and I've lost 20 easy pounds so far.  (I gained 40 total with this pregnancy.)  My swelling is significantly better than after Rachel and I feel great - besides that normal recovering from just having a baby sort of stuff.  

So with my diet finally under control (I went just a teensy bit crazy in the third trimester), I'm ready to begin the work part of getting my body back.  Scott wrote up the following workout for me - it's been about two months since I've lifted so I wanted to start back slow and keep my intensity at a minimum.  I also don't feel quite ready to do any leg work yet, so you'll notice the only lower body work is with the calves.  It took me right about an hour to complete.

Back on the Wagon Again Workout  (for me: 1 month postpartum)

15 minute - incline treadmill walk (I stayed around a 6 incline with a 3.5 speed)

30 second plank
Super-set I (perform 3 times)
DB Bench press  x 10
Low Pulley row  x 10

30 second plank 

Super-set II (perform 3 times)
Bicep curls  x 10
Tricep rope pushdown  x 10
Standing calf raises  x 10

30 second plank

15 minute - incline treadmill walk (I stayed around a 6.5 incline with a 3.7 speed)

Tonight, I feel tired, but good in the sense that I was able to reconnect with a part of my pre-new mommy self.  We were kind of guessing on the planks - not being sure if it was a good idea or not.  I'll let you know!  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love is...

Let me preface this story with another one.  

The other day, I was doing dishes in preparation to cook dinner. Now, perhaps only a parent of small, demanding "HUNGEE!" children can understand how you have to first clean the kitchen before you can do any cooking...and then you have to do it all again later, no matter how thoroughly you try to clean as you cook. But regardless, I was watching my beautiful children play outside in the Spring sunshine and noticed that Elizabeth was especially interested in a little patch on the ground.  So interested that she stuck her toe in it.  Then she proceeded to jump on the subject and do the twist.

Calling out, I asked my darling three-year-old what she was playing with.  

"Dog poop," she answered.  And as I calmed my gag reflex, I made a mental note to wash the yellow, pink and orange tie-dyed Crocs she was playing in.  

Fast forward three days.  The Crocs still haven't been washed, but they are put up, or so I thought as I was frantically cleaning the house because my in-laws are on their way to meet their new grandson.  Our floors were filthy so first on my list was to vacuum and then deep clean - all slated during Caleb's naptime.  At the same time, I had decided to do a little potty time with Rachel.

Now, before you think I'm crazy for potty training while nursing full blast (ha! pun unintended), I will make slight reference to a little blond two-year-old who sprinted out of her room last night after bedtime, buck-naked and screaming that she had to go to the potty.  We weren't sure whether to be more worried that she was out of her diaper for a long time or could now open the door by herself, but either way, action needed to be taken today.

And anyone who has ever lived around Rachel for more than a day can attest to the fact that she needs to be locked in her room at night.  Seriously, the kid is c-r-a-z-y. 

But then she gets that naturally, I guess.

So back to my love is...

Love is not strangling the ever-loving daylights out of your child when you catch them running across your freshly deep-cleaned carpet with poo-poo Crocs on and no pants...

I swear, I could not make this stuff up...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter Bunny...late for a very important date...again!

As usual, I'm about a day late and a dollar short with this post.  I had meant to get it up on Easter until a series of events prevented me from doing so.  I'll spare you the gory details but will just let you know that it has something to do with cranky kids, an epic fight over wearing sweaters over Easter dresses, plastic eggs invaded by ants, a mountain of laundry and a video that wouldn't upload.  

You get the general picture, right?

Anyway, I simply wanted to get Easter pictures so I could update you on our growing family.  We do this every year and I love looking back at the old shots to compare how the girls have grown.  However, after our impromptu 3 a.m. family reunion the night before, they were a little fussy after church and not quite as photogenic as you might imagine.

It took some doing to get this bow back in Rachel's hair after she had ripped it out after church.  Caleb also looks thrilled.  Then again, you are now witness to Rachel bopping him on the head.

My turn with the three kiddos.  Elizabeth's expression kills me here.  I seem to remember her saying, "Is it lunch time, yet??" 

So we took these two pictures and I remember looking at them on the camera and thinking, that is kind of a neat, foggy effect.  I don't have full mastery of this new camera yet and just figured I'd hit a wrong button or setting.  Either way, I didn't think they looked bad enough to retake shots and people might just think I was artsy-fartsy.

But then I was trying to take this picture of the girls drinking out of the Easter cups their Aunt Andrea gave them - which spill like a champ on the carpet, just in case you're wondering - and noticed it was just as foggy as the others.

In my head, I thought, It's like the lens is smudged or something, but how would that happen...

At the same time, I turned the camera over to reveal itty-bitty finger prints all over the thing.  And a certain incriminating video... thought you might enjoy.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!