Monday, March 28, 2011

I've been quiet...

I'm so, so sorry.  I swear, I never had allergies until we came to Tennessee.  Now, all of a sudden, I have allergies.  

And my head is fuzzy.

And my baby has a snotty nose.

And Elizabeth has decided that she's wanted to be Princess Pee-the-bed the past few a row.  

Oh, and we're house hunting.

I know...the ultimate test of staying within your means and not banging your head against the wall.  I have become slightly addicted to all things Real Tracs / Zillow /  I could probably list every house within a 40 mile radius of where my husband works and literally squeal with delight when I get emails that new homes have been added within my search.

I name is Annie and I really have issues.  

So...this has lead me a little less than inspired to write.  Or cook.  Or clean my house.  

I've started back on the Body for Life workout, which we both highly recommend, and I felt a big difference after being in a structured program for a week.  Sometimes, you just need someone else to tell you what to do, you know?

Today, I was supposed to start week two and I was honestly dreading it.  Looking at the pile of laundry and my messy house and feeling our impending end-of-lease date around the corner, I was tempted to skip it.  "Really, I'll just get to it tomorrow,"  I told myself.

And myself almost won.

Thankfully, I was saved by a two-year-old banshee who decided that the perfect game of the morning was  catapulting herself off Mommy and Daddy's bed into a sprint around the house and screaming kind of thing.

We had shoes and jackets on in five minutes.

Dropping the girls off at the nursery, I zoned out and went right into my workout.  I probably could have used the steam room today, but I knew it would just be putting off the inevitable leg punishment I was in for.

30 minutes went by and after a good set of squats and lunges, I felt myself relax.  A few calf raises later and I was in a pretty good sweat and felt like I was literally sweating away my stress.  My mind was different and my body was no longer achy and whiny and feeling sorry for itself.  

Suddenly, I found myself at the opposite end of the spectrum into thankfulness.  I was thankful that we are in the position to buy a house and thankful that the only illness I have to complain about is a sinus headache.  I was thankful that my children are active and happy and healthy and loud and boisterous.  I was thankful for the ability to move and work and be joyful.  And I was even thankful for my messy house because at least I knew I wouldn't be bored this afternoon.


I think we all deal with stress in different ways and sometimes you need a cookie and sometimes you need a cup of coffee and a workout.  Me?  I had my cookies yesterday (ha) so today, I worked out.  And now, I'm oh-so-thankful.  

Have a great day!


  1. I can totally empathize on the bed-wetting... my girls (both of them) have been on a stint lately where they like to take off all their clothes and their diapers... and then they pee/poo the bed. Yuck. Twice a day, because there's nap time too...

    It's awesome that your gym has a good nursery and they will look after the girls while you work out! I think I would work out a heck of a lot more if I had someone to watch my little ones. (Or maybe that's just another excuse from "myself"?)

  2. Okay, does ERS already wear underwear to bed? Because if she does, I may be, ahem, a little jealous... P still wears underjams at night AND at naptime, and he just turned four. But whether this is a "take off your diaper" or a true accident because she is night trained already, I will put aside my twinge of mother's guilt and just feel bad that you had extra laundry. :( And may I say (Why do people say that? I'm saying it, aren't I?) that I really needed this post today, because I was feeling just a hair (or so! ha!) stressed myself and reading your post helped. Thanks!

  3. Ha! Thanks Erin! And I know you know all about my adventures in potty training from the family blog, but I finally read a book by John Rosemond on it...I can't remember the title, but I can look it up if you want it. We wore diapers to bed for a while and then just went cold turkey. We had a couple wet nights, but eventually, she just started getting up and getting us. I was amazed. Sometimes, if she sleeps really heavy, she still wets the bed, but otherwise, she's great!

  4. I do love me some Rosemond... unfortunately for us P has a combo of being a deep sleeper/his body doesn't produce the hormone that slows his kidneys down at night yet... so we tried that when he was completely trained over a year ago with disastrous results. Our ped says that it takes longer for some people to produce the hormone than others, and genetics are not on our side with that one. This fall, though, I may have to give Dr. R's night training method a try. How many times a night does she wake up, usually?