Thursday, March 31, 2011

Servings Update

I am in the process of Spring Cleaning my house, which is hilarious with two little ones.  My time cleaning when they're awake is a hodge-podge of sorting items, putting them in containers and then turning around to find them thrown all over the floor.  Nap time is spent cleaning in hopes of not waking them up.  Perhaps your efforts have been more successful?

And don't even get me started about attempting to clean glass doors.  Between the hand and snot prints from the inside and dog paws from the outside, I have deemed it pointless.

But I digress.

I just wanted to update you on my progress to better equip my growing children (and myself!) with fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  My sister Allison got the girls these adorable little trays so I've been using them for most of their meals.  As silly as it sounds, they've really helped me remember that I need to put a different food group in every little slot.   

So here was Rachel's lunch today.  Mac and cheese (those are veggie noodles), green beans and pears.  

Holy portions, Annie! you say.  You're going to give all that to your one-year-old?

Why yes, yes I am.  Because if you've ever dealt with a one-year-old eating before, you have to be prepared for certain things...

The sweet and innocent look, while toying with her plate...

The "I'm totally over this lunch" move, while turning everything over - while the food was still on the plate, I might add.

And finally, my personal favorite, the What plate? look. 

Hope you're having more luck!


  1. Love it! My kitchen floor is permanently covered in food.... my favorite is when they find a dried up crumb from the last meal that I have missed with the broom and decide it looks a little more tasty the second time around :)

  2. We have those plates, too! (Well, not THOSE plates, but a more 'masculine" version of that STYLE of plate with trains, and a set with Buzz and Woody, and... okay, we have several sets of those plates.) Anyway, I love them because it helps me "see" what food groups I'm serving, too! AND that little spot in the bottom right corner is good for dip or the boys' vitamins in the morning. I've been trying to offer more fruits and veggies since your post, and (hopefully this won't jinx it) it's been WORKING! Thanks for your inspiration!