Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How well does your mailman know you??

This was the bounty that came in the mail yesterday...I would say our mailman knows us pretty well!  Not to mention the Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living that came in the mail yesterday...can you tell I was a print journalism major??!!  And no, before you croak, I did not buy / pay full price for all of these.  Oxygen is worth full price - I've gotten it for years.  Great workouts and diet tips.  Muscle and Fitness, Parenting, and BHG, I got at a huge discount.  Martha comes for free (score!).  High Five is a gift my mom sent Elizabeth...a little too old for her yet but I'm saving them. 

Great reading material for the Stair Master...and yes, we recycle!  Have a great day!

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  1. My mailman probably doesn't know me very well... yet. We still get all the magazines from the previous owners of this house, including Harriet Carter, Coldwater Creek, and LOTS of catalogs that sell exclusively old lady clothes and shoes. I think everything the previous Mrs. purchased came from a catalog, but we buy everything online (and read online), so my mailman is bound to be clueless for a while!