Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Friends

This past weekend, we traveled to Greensboro to see my best friend Amanda, her husband Ben and their daughter Samantha.  Samantha was born exactly a year (to the day!) after Elizabeth - which we took as an obvious sign that we were meant to be friends forever.  Scott then made the solo trip up to Lynchburg, VA to watch GWU wrestle in the Regional while we stayed and totally destroyed the Williams' house.  

The girls all got along so well and shared (to the extent that this age can share!) and played as well as I could have dreamed.  There was something very sweet about watching our children get close.  My mind drifted forward to pen pals and shared summer vacations and the hopes that they, too, become best friends.  Maybe they'll choose to attend the same college and eventually stand up at each others weddings like we were so blessed to do. 

It's so funny how friendships change as your get older, start your own family and begin to stay limited to your own little bubble.  Long distance relationships - even as best friends - take work and I'm so thankful that Amanda is willing to keep ours going!  It was just so wonderful to sit and relax and visit and play.  

Please enjoy our weekend in pictures!

I'm trying to distract you with the puzzle so you don't realize that I have the keys in my other hand.  Just do the puzzle, Samantha... pay no attention to my other hand...

How cool that they have an easel in their kitchen and access to crayons 24-7?!  Definitely better than our house, Mom!

Oh Baby Honey...

Stacking blocks...and balls...and babies!!


Hey!  Dat's Mine!!  While Rachel says, "Don't pay attention to me, guys...I will just play with this Etcha Sketch that I know I'm not supposed to have..."

Trying to play with the big girls

Sweet hugs / choke holds

What?  This is it??  This little thing?  Come on, one more...

Sticky dessert = party with no shirt on!

Comparing full bellies

Yay!  It's a dance!

Samantha sharing her daddy...she wasn't too pleased to share his lap!

Chilling in the a.m. to Blues Clues!

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  1. Awww, such sweet pictures! And you're right about friendships changing as you get older and begin your own families. I am glad you have someone like Amanda to keep in touch and share life stories and experiences. That is a rare find!