Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas for the dogs...

Things have been crazy in our household and I have not found my way to the computer in a while.  Tina came in the Monday before Christmas with a huge gash across her chest and leg.  A trip to the emergency vet, $400, and a sleepless night later, she was all stitched up with a cone on her head.  Of course, Butch was scared to death of her and wouldn't relax when she was anywhere within 500 feet of him.  That only applies to when Butch was allowed in the house though...he peed on the Christmas tree twice last week.  I have no idea where that came from, but it just added to the overall dog-weirdness of the holidays.

Christmas morning for us was different and wonderful.  We didn't travel at all, which is new for our little family.  So we were excited to start our own traditions.  Scott spent no less than two hours putting together Elizabeth's toys but watching her face as she saw her rocking horse for the first time was well worth it.

We enjoyed a wonderful day together and felt very blessed for our little warm house and wonderful life.  With God's blessing, next year we will be a family of four and will have one crawling around and one tall enough to pull most of the ornaments off the tree. 

Here's a shot of the Christmas turkey that almost wasn't.  To make a long story short, we didn't eat until almost 7...and now I know why most women wake up in the morning and put the turkey in...ha!

And my Christmas cactus actually bloomed on Christmas day!  Scott and I tried to figure out if that meant this is going to be an amazing year...but it turns out that they are supposed to do that.  Who knew!  Ah well, I'm expecting an amazing year anyway