Monday, February 11, 2013

If you wanna play in Texas...

Do you listen to Pandora radio?  We are admittedly a little Pandora obsessed in our house.  Normally, in the morning, I have on some sort of praise or kids music during breakfast and then make the trio listen to my favorite 90's country artists while I cook dinner.  Sometimes I'm generous and put on Mickey or a kids station...but most of the time, Trisha and Reba rules.

On Saturday morning, I head to work and Scott has run of the house and the computer.  

Which means Country Boy Can Survive Radio.

The girls cry and moan but he tells them it's educational and goes about cooking eggs while singing with Hank and Willie.

I'm setting you up...stay with me...

So today, we were leaving the Y and I was telling the girls about how Daddy had to go to Texas for a trip.  "Texas??"  Elizabeth said.  "I know a song about Texas!"

She proceeds to hammer out the most adorable rendition of Alabama's, "If you want to play in Texas" I've ever heard and my jaw almost hit the ground.

When we got home, I asked for it again and she not only came through but also gave me an encore of her own Valentine's song.  Enjoy, my friends...and also look out for Rachel video-bombing in the back. 

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