Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines to Mama

Elizabeth is getting to a really fun age.  She's old enough to have conversations - real ones.  You can see her true personality starting to shine through; she's sweet and loud and sensitive and outgoing all wrapped into one little body.

I'm pretty much head-over-heels with my oldest. 

Self portrait ala ERS
So the girls have been doing this thing after we kiss them goodnight for a while.  "I gotta tell you something!!" They yell from their bed.

Normally, as we are walking to the door, they start.  Lately, it's been Rachel first.

"But Mom!!  I gotta tell you sompin...Can you go downstairs and look on the computer and see if there's a Minnie cash register??"

"A Barbie mermadia doll??"

"A Minnie doll?"

"A Princess and the Popstar guitar??"

And on and on it goes.  At first it was cute but as it went on, they would get more and more hyped up, just as we were trying to get them to go to sleep.  So Scott outlawed it.  No longer were they allowed to shout requests from their beds.

Now instead, they work them in as we give them kisses and hugs.  Which is fine, but it's EVERY TIME we put them to bed.

So tonight, I was tucking Elizabeth in by herself.  Rachel had gone down for the count early and I put her to bed long before her sister and even brother.  Elizabeth and I alone read books and rocked in the chair...something we hadn't done, just the two of us, in such a long time.  

I had just kissed her forehead when she started, "Mom...Can I tell you something?

"What is it, sweetie," I asked, smoothing down the covers.

"Can you go downstairs and look on the computer...and see if there are any earrings...for you?"

I stopped.

"For me?"

"Yeah, you look pretty in earrings.  I think you should get some butterfly ones."

*Five seconds of stunned silence*

"Thank you honey, I will look.  I love you so much."

"I love you, Mom, goodnight."

:)  And just like that, I am blessed beyond measure once again.  Funny how a stressful day can get washed away by just a few words.

Happy Valentines Day, my friends!

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