Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surviving the Sickos...

I do believe we're on the other side, folks.  

Last Thursday began our descent into the mystery virus that attacked my children's eyes, sinuses and bellies.  Elizabeth got it far worse than anyone else and only started feeling better today.

Which means that we haven't gone anywhere.

For days.  

And days...

But this morning, I think we're on the mend and can venture outside our sick box.  Today's goal is to make it to the UPS Store...and maybe the library...and maybe Target... (And now you know I'm truly crazy if I'm thinking of taking 3 kids to 3 different stops!)

So...what have we been doing while we were home bound?

I'm so glad you asked...

I got a ton of house cleaning done...not that you would know it now that my mini-tornadoes are feeling better.  I got the picture collage wall almost done in the dining room...

I had started it, but needed more frames and I couldn't find any more to match the dark brown ones I had so I had to switch them all to black...and then decided to incorporate the cream...well, it was a process.  But I'm happy with it.  (And also happy that I found those knock-off bloom frames at Hobby Lobby for about $5!!)

I also tried to record Caleb a little more, as I realized doing a photo project that I didn't have a ton of pictures of his milestones.  So here's his first nursing job...

Elizabeth, are you feeling better?  I will grab a toy and hit you in the face with it to make sure.
  And his first fake cry...

Nope!  No tears here!!
And I finally got some steps (and dancing) recorded...enjoy!!

Stay healthy my friends!!

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  1. Adorable video of Caleb! I'm glad your babies are on the upswing of things...I was wondering why I hadn't seen posts in a little bit. And your frame arrangement looks really good. Now, I've got to get cleaning...sometime.