Sunday, June 22, 2014

House Update - we have a building!

I realized it had been a while, but didn't grasp the complete magnitude of not updating the blog until last night.  I got a text from my dear friend Julie saying, "Don't get alarmed at the car idling outside your fence...I just want to see what the addition looks like."  Needless to say, we ran out and offered her the tour by flashlight but today, I'll give you one in the daylight.

Also tomorrow (fingers crossed), they begin on the drywall - so this will give you a little before idea. 

One aspect of the addition is a new office and I am really excited about it.  Especially since I'm writing this with a two year old jumping from the bed to my lap, screaming at the computer, "Mama!  Yook, walls!  Walls!"  (That's what he calls the building project.)  I'm hoping the space will give me a place back on the ground floor to write and get caught up. 

We came straight out the back and added a covered porch.  This puppy already gets used almost every day and night and they haven't even installed the ceiling fans yet.  Not long after we started, we found out the  air conditioner was on it's last legs, so this unit will gone and a new one will be put on the other side of the house.  Scott's already taken out the bird feeder and I'm hoping to move that hydrangea today.

View from the side.  I can't wait to hang ferns.  We used to have them on our front porch in South Carolina and I miss having the shade to be able to put them out.  This angle gets the very early morning sun.
We really didn't lose that much space in the back yard.  Scott removed the apple tree earlier in the Spring so this should look really nice after it's graded and reseeded. 

Door from the porch to the mud room.  I asked for one with a window so we'd have more light.

The laundry room / mudroom.  I'll have to post a picture of our current laundry space so you can understand the full magnitude of my excitement.  This will be tiled and will also house the dog food and water.

French doors will lead straight into the office.  We're going to carry the wood floors from the house into the hallway and the office.  It has two sun tubes and a cigar fan and will have a full closet devoted to storage (glorious storage!!).  I guess you could call this Scott's man cave if he didn't have to share it with me (which he's been very gracious about).  We're looking forward to having a home for all the sports memorabilia and books we've been carting around for years.

This is the door into our master bedroom.  This will be carpeted and will have a ceiling fan.  I can't live without ceiling I a weirdo?   Or maybe I'm just Southern?

The master bath is kind of hard to picture without walls but to the left is a standing shower (the sun tube is in the shower) and the toilet is just to the left of the door.  To the right is a double vanity.  So it's not huge, but will be just what we need.  And that will be tiled. 

Beyond the bathroom?  That's the closet.

I'll give you a moment of silence on that one.

It spans the entire addition and is honestly mind-blowing.  My thoughts on organizing the thing will warrant it's own separate post.  

Double windows looking out to the porch from the master bedroom.  Window blinds are pretty high on my list. Because right beyond the fence is where the kids get the school bus...ahem.

This is the view off the you can imagine the air conditioning unit gone.

And so there's your update!  They say the drywall will take a couple days and then they will do the air.  After it's temperature controlled, they're going to cut the hole into the main house, which should offer it's own fun set of challenges. 

Until our South Carolina house sells, we're going to be pretty limited on what we can purchase as far as furniture, but first on the list is a new mattress and box springs.  Any advice on doing that?  We've honestly never gone mattress shopping before and don't know where to start amidst all the sleep numbers and Tempur-pedic and memory foam.  So if you have any horror or success stories, shoot them at me.  

Hope you have an awesome weekend!  Much love, my friends.