Friday, March 18, 2011

Music Rut

I blame my new ipod for my music rut.

It's just been so easy to walk into the gym, turn on "Annie's Workout" mix and go to work.  Now, I have not been that imaginative with this, so my "mix" is about 10 songs and they have gotten just a little bit old (since I got the ipod at Christmas from my wonderful husband).  I've gone with the Barney Stinson philosophy (if you watch How I met your mother on CBS) that you want all "up" songs in your mixes - so it's basically full of techno and high speed rock out music. 

But today, for some reason, I just needed a change. 

So I flipped through my music and did some box jumps to Bon Jovi ...You Give Love a Bad Name helped me through some lunges, but then I wanted something different.

Randomly, I picked a shuffle of Lonestar.


Songs I hadn't heard forever gave me the extra little boost to finish.  My mind drifted back to being a Graduate Assistant at Gardner-Webb and my pitchers and trips down I-77 with my sister, Andrea (we blared Lonestar in my little white Chevy quite a few times). 

In fact, I was on my way to the nursery to get the girls when Front Porch Looking In came on and I decided to do a couple extra sets instead just because that song touches me differently now than as a 23-year-old single woman then. 

What am I getting at here?  Spring is such a great time to clean out and revamp...there's just something about seeing the sunshine after so many months of blah to get your juices going again.  So maybe look for areas in your workout that you can do the same.  Mix up the tunes.  Totally revamp your routine.  Get a couple books from the library.  Try a new class.  Invite one of your best friends to do a challenge with you.

And enjoy it!  This shouldn't be a's your life!  Have a great weekend!

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