Friday, June 17, 2011

Ya'll Got Internet?

Folks, the move is complete.  

And I think I just started on the recovery stage.

We scheduled movers...then we canceled movers and recruited my sister and her friend to hoss furniture with us.

We had a yard sale, made some money, ordered new living room furniture, and then waited a week and a half for it to be delivered while we sat on the floor.  

I have said, "Don't climb on that.  Don't touch that.  Don't pick that up.  SIT ON YOUR BOTTOM COMING DOWN THE STAIRS! (And most popular) Don't bite your sister!!"  at least 1,647 times in the past week.  

We have made 47 trips to Lowes...and I still think of stuff I need...

And - more importantly - we now have Internet.

Which brings up another story.

Five years ago next month, my then-new husband and I set out for Jamaica for our honeymoon.  He had recruited one of his wrestlers to stay at the house and watch our dog Tina.  We were having a wonderful time...soaking up sun, enjoying the all-inclusive life style, doing things that honeymooners do  (ahem)...when we noticed that Scott had missed a call from our dog sitter on his phone.  

"It's probably nothing," he said.  

"There's something wrong with Tina!" I cried.  

Imagining the worst, I forced my husband to call him back and after a panicked couple seconds, Scott was greeted with the question of the century...

"Ya'll got Internet here?"

Now this was before we were so dependent on the Internet that we have it on our fancy-shmancy phones and we could not afford to have it at our house nor could we even get it way out in Cowpens, SC.  

And the fact that that was the sole call we got on our honeymoon was indeed funny and my husband has gotten great fun in texting me all week asking if ya'll got Internet yet?

So, my friends, we do.  And I will be back soon.  I promise.  (Yes...with pictures!  Ok, and my children.  And FINE!  Workouts!)

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