Friday, June 3, 2011

We interrupt this workout for a yard sale

Nothing like asking people come to your house and look through your junk.  Although, I have to admit...I LOVE a yard sale.  

I had tried to Spring Clean a couple months ago and did take a bunch of bags to Goodwill but there were some things that I just couldn't GIVE away.  So when my Grandmother gave us a bunch of furniture for our new house, we decided to give yet another yard sale a go.

And I'm just a little bit nervous.  

You see, this will be my first solo yard sale - and by solo, I mean without a girlfriend to help support in the bargaining process.  You know the people that come in and try to talk 50 cents down to 25 and offer you $5 on something you have listed for $25?  After a while, you just need someone to walk up behind you and say, "No, that's the price...right there, on the hot pink sticker."  

I think we've had yard sales before every move and I've never been short on adventures - or girl friends.  Amanda and Tammy helped us in our flop of a sale in Cowpens.  Kelli sat and drank coffee all day with me in Inman before we moved to TN.  But my favorite would have to be our sale in Boiling Springs, NC.  

I had recruited quite a sales force and started at a bright and early 6 a.m. (tomorrow, we are starting at things change!).  Kathi and Suzanne came over during the day and Jenny made and sold sausage biscuits, which were wonderful.  This also happened to be the day that my big, hunky stud-muffin was moving into my house.  

Ah yes...he's still got it!  Although I think his dad qualities makes him hunkier than ever!
Of course we were so poor (as GA's) that we couldn't even afford a U-Haul so he borrowed someone's truck and hossed all the furniture in the house himself.  I will never forget my friend's faces as he (shirtless) lifted an armoire out of the back of that truck.  I mean, it was a Diet Coke commercial in the making.

And I guess it was good for business, because we sold everything that day! 

Now, the real question is...what heavy lifting can I plan for my husband tomorrow??  ;)

Have a great day, my friends!

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  1. Too true, daddying really does make a cute man even hunkier! lol