Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working out a week before a move...

I tell you what, I know of no one that enjoys moving.  The past week, we had to sign our life away om a new mortgage, call and cancel utilities at this house, arrange for utilities to be turned on at the new house, arrange for movers, beg family members to come help (just kidding...they are coming willingly!!), and stop at every liquor store in town with my two little children, hunting for boxes.

And you think you get funny looks.

Now, the average person may feel that all the packing and lifting and cleaning would be workout enough.  

However, the average person may not have our two, very active children.  

Whatcha doin', Mama??
Five straight hours in the house and, at the end of the day, Scott walks into a live rendition of the Family Circus in our living room.  

So, off to the Y we trudge every morning, even though Mommy has so much to do at home - all in the name of getting my children an hour on the playground.

For me, it's all about maintaining at this point.  I know that next week will be full of hodge podge and take-out dinners on paper plates and no dining room table, if we luck out in selling it at the yard sale this weekend.  Oh and maybe just teensy bit of ice cream, since that has been my stress go-to lately...hey, we all have our vices, right??

I have no time to plan my workout so I go into what I refer to as Stream of Consciousness Workout mode, which basically means that whatever I'm feeling at the moment, combined with the equipment that's free is what I do.  Sometimes, it turns out horribly, but today's wasn't too bad, so I wanted to share it with you.  If you have the time to write it down and take it to the gym with you (ha!), let me know what you think.

Today's Stream of Consciousness Workout
Treadmill run - 20 minutes at 6.0 (I had to get my Joyce Meyer fix in and this pace was perfect)
3 x 12 super-set (meaning switching back and forth)
     DB snatches and push-ups
     Bicep curls using the bar (40 lbs) and body weight squats on the Bosu ball
     Bent over rows using the bar and backwards lunges holding a 15 lb ball over your head
 3 x 12 straight sets
     Abductor machine
    Adductor machine (I had a student-athlete call this a "good girl / bad girl" machine...pretty self explanatory there)
     Ab wheel

I got finished in about 50 minutes and my children were sufficiently worn out which - in theory - would have resulted in a great, long nap time.

However, my children have never really cared about theories...  :)

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