Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot or cold...that is the question...

I love Just another Manic Monday...

And those who truly know me and know my love for corny 80's pop music are rolling your eyes right now.

It's on my my workout mix...right after Fame and Walking on Sunshine...

Yes, I have a problem. 

But the tune applies to today and I'm going to keep this short as we just got back from gymnastics (where my daughter was not only good, but also wore TWO pony-tails!) and I'm going to try to fit a video workout in while the girls sleep so we can run to the DMV after they wake up (double joy).  Oh, and do about a million loads of laundry...

Does laundry multiply like rabbits in your house?  I swear, I had it all done Saturday.  I took Sunday off and today, I have four full baskets of dirty clothes.  Summer clothes even!  Which I love because they don't take as much space up as winter clothes...  It's like the law of laundry physics don't apply here...

But back to hot or cold...

Are you the type to eat things cold out of the fridge and what is your favorite thing?  My mother in law loves Long John Silver's fish out of the fridge.  As I try to control my gag reflex, she always claims that it's delicious.  My husband likes to have all his desserts cold...even ones that get ice cream on them, like cobbler.  So I always make birthday cakes far enough in advance so I can stick them in the fridge.

Heaven forbid I judge because I have to admit that I, too, have guilty pleasures straight from the ice box.

My top one right now?  Leftover corn on the cob.


Scraped off the cob after dinner is done, popped into a Ziploc bag or leftover container, put in the fridge...  I am salivating.  

What brought this up?  Well, one, I tried to pawn it off on my kids the other day at lunch.  And two, I was looking at a recipe today that called for frozen corn and was suddenly mad that my beloved corn never makes it to the freezer!  Guess I need to start buying extra.

Here is my little bird, coming to beg while I fix anything in the kitchen.  She just pulls at my leg and says, "Mmmmmmm!!!"  That means, "Give me some food, woman!!"  (And yes, Frankie, that's that little dress you got her so long ago!  Isn't it cute?!)

Giving her a sample of my delicacy... She ate it then.

But you can see that it failed the lunch-time selection committee.  They chose to go with the cheese sandwich and oranges and leave the corn to ride solo on their trays instead.  

So are you a hot person or a cold person?  And even if it's just pizza, share your guilty pleasure so that I might actually save some corn for winter.  ;)

Ok, gotta run.  Jillian is screaming for me to get my butt moving from the living room.  Have a great manic Monday!

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  1. I like cold pizza, cold fried chicken, cold fried green tomatoes.... Something about cold fried food, I dunno. Tasty. We had fried okra with dinner tonight... I only made a little bit because I wasn't sure the kids would like it. Turns out, I will not get to taste that cold. I guess anything that comes in "nugget" form, they will love. ("Hey, kids, try these okra nuggets!" "Yum!!")