Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day Kettlebell Workout

As I said before, I've been strictly running in survival mode when it comes to my workouts.  Lifting here and there...running a little...reading my magazines...cruising, if you will.

So today was as good a day as ever to jump back into things with a partner workout with my husband.  Although, I have to admit, I regretted it a little bit in the beginning, since he has not taken any sort of break and is stronger than ever.  He had the day off for the 4th and we decided to run to the Y for workout and then take a quick dip in the pool with the girls.  

The workout was one Scott found on You Tube and it's with kettlebells.  I had never used them before and my jury is still out.  It was tough for me to find a good weight and I didn't like them banging against my wrist.  Scott is trying to sell me on the advantages it would be for a pitcher...and I'm with him a little...but still deciding. 

We warmed up on the big Stair masters...have you seen them?  You literally climb revolving stairs.  We hit them for 5 minutes and then went into the workout.

Here it is...the 300 Kettlebell Meltdown Workout.  We didn't do it for time - which is a good thing since I almost died on the burpies.  

We finished by alternating 3 minute go's with one person on the Versa Climber and the other jumping rope for 2 minutes and holding a plank for the final minute.  We did this three times. 

Then we grabbed our babies and held their hands as they jumped off the side of the pool for an entire 45 minutes. 

Thank you, Lord for this life, country and the wonderful men and women who have (and are currently) fighting to keep us free.  Happy 4th of July!

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