Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm too old to make these rookie mistakes...

Last week, the girls and I ran into Goodwill to look for a VCR.

No, I didn't stutter...those puppies are hard to find, as well as most of the Disney movies Elizabeth wants to watch on DVD.  Plus, I'm in the process of converting our home video VHS footage to digital.  So, per suggestion from Amanda, we found a great one at Goodwill for $9.

As I was plugging it in at the store to make sure it worked, I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see Elizabeth laying claim to a little doll baby stroller.  She's really gotten into her dolls lately and I've been meaning to get her a new stroller since the last one I readily agreed to purchase this $1.50 one.

Were there two in the store?  I couldn't tell you...I didn't even look.  It was like I was brain-dead from the euphoria of finding a VCR for $9.  Nor did I get Rachel an equivalent.  So in the house we walk with a toy for mommy, a toy for Elizabeth and nothing for Rachel.   Oh can guess the ruckus.  

Finally, after several minutes of threatening...begging...bribing...demanding that Elizabeth share, Rachel got a turn...I'm not sure the baby was very happy about this sudden turn of events.

I think this last one, she was actually trying to climb into the wait, the baby's on the floor.  She's running over the baby.  Great...

Amazingly, a week later and Elizabeth barely plays with the stroller and it still remains a favorite of Rachel's.  So maybe it's a wise thing that I didn't get two??

That's what I shall keep telling myself.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. For Christmas, we got the girls a set that had a stroller and a high chair, thinking that they would play together, each using one of the big doll toys... Silly us. The high chair was quickly discarded in favor of the stroller, and the girls fought over it until I found something equivalent for the other girl to push. You are familiar with this scenario, I'm sure. Point being, we all make that mistake---ONCE! lol