Thursday, July 7, 2011

Help me with my windows!

I've gotten a lot of requests for pictures of the new house and it's not that I don't want to share them, but I'm waiting on blinds to be delivered...and installed...and the friendly Lowe's people to call me back to tell me when that might happen.

Window treatments to me are like mascara...which is pretty funny, considering that I rarely wear mascara, with one child pulling all the contents out of my vanity drawers and the other latched firmly around my ankle.  Maybe one day I'll get back to it...sort of like plucking my eyebrows...

But I digress.

So I hate to put up pictures of the house until it's finished.  Still, I am at a standstill on what I want to do with my front windows and I need your help. 

To fill you in, we ordered thick white blinds to go on all the windows.  I'm not sure if you would call these plantation or not, but I believe they are about an inch thick.  Keep that in mind when looking at the pictures.

Here is the subject at hand.  I'm not sure if you would call this an official bay window, but it is curved and I took the picture from a distance so you couldn't see the snot and hand prints from my lovely little children, looking for their daddy to come home.  That both irritates my Windex toting side yet pulls so hard at my heart strings that I normally don't care. 

Another angle...

Let me show you the rest of the room so you get an idea.

Couch, complete with the Princess and the Frog Seek and Find book that Rachel was attempting to rip to shreds earlier in the day.

I love this blue behind-the-couch-table and was thinking of looking for curtains that carried the dark brown of the leather with the blue of the couch.  My children have really gotten into playing, "Go to Sleep" - which is why there are blankets all over.  They take turns laying down and kissing and hugging each other and their stuffed animals goodnight.  This is especially funny considering that it has become quite the daunting task to get Elizabeth to go to bed lately.  It also normally winds up in a battle for one of the blankets.

And Rachel has obviously found the canning jar grabber thing.  Sigh...

And my oldest is reading and playing the princess piano book with her feet.  I swear, never the dull moment around here!  But back to the windows. 

I'm concerned about the curtain rods.  I liked this article and woman's idea from A Little of This - A Little of that.  She spray painted and used PVC pipe instead of expensive curtain rods and I think that looks nice, but do you think it would work on this window?

I also liked these curtains from The Yellow Cape Cod.

But do you think that would be too bold for the brown and the blue?  Also, do you think two curtains on each end or I was kind of thinking of putting two panels on each window.

Sort of like this...
So really, tell me what you think.  I can't wait for them to be done because I think it'll help complete the room and also give us privacy from the road.

Thanks for your help!  And of course, I'll give you pictures through the process!


  1. Something to consider: do you get a ton of sunlight through those windows to the point that it heats the house? If not, go light! Don't go with heavy curtains but go with the panels, just to give the room a finishing touch. The PVC pipe WILL work. You just have to cut it to the right lengths. I like that idea. Color: With lighter colored walls, go a little darker but not too dark or the room because dark and dense. I like the blue, too, and you could do a shade of that blue if you're doing light curtains.

  2. Go with a bold, modern print of blue and brown. Maybe a graphic floral? I like the second picture where the curtains are basically hanging between the windows... I love sunlight, and only close my blinds at night. PVC pipe would work, or dowel rods, depending on how big your windows are. Also... if you sew.... you could make your own curtains probably cheaper than buying them. There are all kinds of tutorials for that kind of thing online, and curtains are pretty simple! There's a lot more variety in a fabric store than in the curtain section of any store. Good luck, have fun!