Monday, July 25, 2011

At what age do they learn sarcasm?

I've told you that Mondays are crazy, right?

So I was scrambling around this morning, trying to get the oatmeal out of Rachel's crevices and clean up breakfast dishes and get another load of laundry going when Elizabeth ran in the kitchen, crying about not being able to do the hula hoop with her pj's on.  

Absentmindedly, I said, "Then take them off, honey."

I was far too distracted to see her sprint back out of the room.

Oh yes, you guessed it.

credit goes to my best friend, Amanda for the little black box!
Later, I walked into the living room to find her happily hula hooping in the nude...I mean, happy as a clam...because I guess it's easier with no clothes on.  Oh, and yes, Rachel is just wearing a diaper because she caked her pj's in oatmeal.  

Have a great Monday! 

And if it's not great, you could always try naked hula hooping...

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