Thursday, July 21, 2011

My husband is trying to kill me - the Thursday workout

My husband's a morning person.  At least, he plays the part well.

He tip-toes out of bed at 4:30 a.m., goes downstairs, drinks coffee and watches Sportscenter, then heads to the gym.  He gets back around 6:30 a.m., just in time to great his girls bouncing their way down the stairs and kiss his lovely wife (and by lovely, I mean hair everywhere, one eye still closed, groping for the coffee pot, with one baby wrapped around her leg wanting a sippy and the other asking what's for breakfast...LOVELY.)

I think I used to be a morning person...and then I had kids and I lost it somewhere along the way.  

But anyway, this morning, Scott was able to stay and have breakfast with us - which is one of our favorite things about living this close to work.  Plus, we get to have actual adult conversation while the girls are engrossed in Mickey Mouse and eggs and toast.

This morning, he told me about how he did the 300 workout this morning and about his plans for the day.  And then came the moment of truth...

"What are you going to do for your workout today?"

Now, I just wrote my plan out yesterday, which I knew he had read but at that particular time in the morning, I had a touch of soreness from lifting legs yesterday and the new Martha Stewart magazine came in the mail and I was honestly thinking about just doing the elliptical for an hour while I flipped pages and watched the morning talk shows.

"Mmmm...hadn't really thought about it,"  I answered, wiping my crazy hair out of my face and starting on my second cup of coffee.

"Well your blog said that you were going to do cardio and abs today..."  My loving husband with the stupidly good memory mentioned.

I cringed.  I hate abs and I did them Monday and was really thinking that that might be enough for the week...but then my thoughts were interrupted with,

"You know what you could do..."

And so this was my husband's "off the top of his head" cardio and abs workout for me today.  Perhaps you are in the mood for punishment as well...although it ended up being better than my bad morning attitude had expected and I was done in 45 minutes and got to spend an hour in the pool with the girls afterwards.
Here is a picture of the VersaClimber, just so you can get the full picture here.

Perform the following circuit 5 times with no rest in between exercises.

2 minutes VersaClimber followed by an immediate
1 minute plank (the third and fourth time around, I did side planks here and died just a little bit)
2 minutes jump rope
1 minute Kettlebell swing with sumo squats
1 minute rest / get a drink / swear someone keeps messing with the wall clock to make my work minutes go slower and my rest minutes go faster


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  1. Sometimes I wish I had a SCOTT in my life... but then sometimes I don't =) Glad you survived!