Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So, I was talking to my best friend today and mentioned something about this blog and she interrupted me and said, "Wait!!  I thought you were shutting it down!  I haven't been checking it!'  Which made me realize that we need to catch up.

I was going to shut down the blog...but when I announced it, I had a couple new people join and then I had such wonderful responses of people asking me not to that I decided to just take a hiatus until after the stress of the move wore off. 

Upon returning, I decided to write for a couple weeks and write not only stories about working out, but also content regarding our children and life in general.  Your response has been wonderful and I was excited to see the numbers as far as page views. 

So, I guess you're stuck with me after all...  ha! 

I'm going to create a Facebook page again so my FB friends are not always stuck with seeing my postings...they'll just be stuck with ME!  Ha!  Plus, it just made it so easy to update with little deals...like the one Groupon is running today for GNC that is crazy good (in case any of you are like us and own more shakers in your house than wine glasses...ahem.)  Just keep an eye out for the little like button on the side bar and do your thing, if you want.

I may look into some advertising and giveaways and stuff like that, but to be very honest with you, I'm just praying my way through it right now.  I appreciate your loyalty through the move and should you have any suggestions, please just let me know!

Take care!

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