Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deciding on workout plan

I have definitely been cruising in my stream of consciousness workout mode and decided to settle on a plan before I get too far gone.  I'm not sure what specific exercises I'll do on each day just yet but the basic outline is as follows:

Monday - Sprint intervals for 20 minutes; lift chest and back  (A couple notes on Mondays...we have gymnastics in the morning, which messes with our normal schedule and the gym gets pretty packed in the afternoons.  Lately, I've seen this as a fine excuse not to go...however, I'm thinking that maybe I need to push past my anti-socialness and workout anyway, especially since I take Sundays off.)

Tuesday - Run 10 minutes, elliptical 10 minutes; lift abs and full body; stair climber 15 minutes  (I always mean to do abs within my regular workouts but I always leave them for last and then skip them entirely.  So to do them on Tues and Thurs as "rests" from my full body lifts will be the focus I hope to make a difference!)

Wednesday - Sprint intervals for 20 minutes; lift legs

Thursday - Elliptical warm-up 30 minutes; lift abs and light full body (Taking into consideration that I'll be dead from Wednesday's legs workout)

Friday - Sprint intervals for 20 minutes; lift biceps, triceps and shoulders

Saturday - Workout with Scott

Sunday - Rest

Keep in mind that I have an hour for these workouts, because the girls are in the nursery and that's pretty much their limit.  Plus, I like having the freedom to go to the pool afterwards, if it's nice outside.

And I know if I keep my pace going and don't get caught up talking or resting too long between sets, I can get done plenty in an hour. 

My goals?  In this household, it is simply to keep up with my children and my husband!  It's so funny how Elizabeth changes every day and takes in more and more.  She notices when I'm getting dressed and makes sure to announce that her mommy is going to exercise.  I see how she mimics me in her every day speech and behavior and it inspires me to be accountable for my speech, tones and actions (not that I'm always successful in being patient, but I think about it a lot more!).  

Of course, I'm always forgiving with my plan of action if "life" happens, but I think I'll go with this schedule for about 6 weeks and see how it goes.  By that time, I'll be ready to switch it up again.  
I'd love to hear about you...your plans and goals, no matter how simple or complex.  These things tend to be easier if we're in them together, after all.  

Ah...also I have three motivational mamas on my radar that I'm hoping to get to before September.  If you have someone in mind that you would like to nominate, please let me know!

Happy Wednesday!


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