Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our life in pictures

Because sometimes there's no better way to describe our kids!

Our little happy bath-taker.  I told Scott that she is bound to be a swimmer - because she can stay in the water and she doesn't have to wear shoes or socks!

Playing with the Elmo remote...I just crack up at Rachel's face here.  I'm pretty sure Elizabeth took it from her.

Why yes, we have a slide in our living room...don't you?

Angry that mommy is making her clean her crayon masterpiece off the floor.  If you look closely, you can see it.

In the process of "exercising!"

This day, Rachel woke up a good 30 minutes before Elizabeth did.  My baby found every single toy that Elizabeth won't let her play with.  Here she is with the crying baby doll, the princess box and the Teeny Tiny Baby book...all favorites of her older sister.  It is scary how smart this child is!

She told me that this picture on the singing Crayola pad is of Daddy, Rachel and Juno (from Juno Baby).  Nice to see where Mommy ranks, kid...

I love my sister so much...I just want to squeeze her neck...

And topple her onto the floor...

And sit back up when I realize that Mommy is watching...   

And then take her shoes off...(not that Rachel cared!)

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