Monday, January 31, 2011

My response...

I should have known my husband was up to something when he offered to write his blog post when I ran out to the grocery store.  I came home and he was still writing, hiding the computer from me while I drank coffee.  

After nap time was over, he asked me to read and edit it and (through my tears), I yelled out, "Really??  A lesbian?!  You're just going to throw that out there??!"

But seriously, I know that I am so lucky, blessed, thankful, honored and loved.  For him to take the time to write all that about me...well, I just can't put it into words.  We really have a lot of fun writing this blog and keeping a finger on the informative and motivational side of coaching that we both miss.  

It leads to fun conversations in our house like last night's dinner debate over whether your palms are up or down when jumping rope (we chose to disagree on this one...I still don't understand how you can jump palms down) or last week's hour long discussion on the most optimal time to do cardio.  

Thank you for reading and commenting...for joining us on Facebook and sending emails.  Please let us know if there's anything you are especially interested in reading about - because we really are all in this journey to health together!

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