Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Picture Catch Up

Because I don't feel like I can write fast enough to keep up with my kids.  I can't believe Rachel will turn one this month...just doesn't seem possible!

"MWAH" - loud kiss for Rachel
I swear, they can read each other's minds...

Not sure if this was a hug, or Rachel's attempt to confiscate the Princess CD player
Um, Mom?  Do you think...that we might...be able to watch Mickey?
Yeah, Mom!  Mickey!  I want to too!!

What?!  No???

Oh ok...you were just kidding.  That's cool, yo.

WHY I ever give my children spaghetti for lunch is beyond me...especially after I just cleaned the floors...

Exhibit A...  Rachel's newest thing is to start throwing the food off her tray to let me know she's done.  This morning, she slung a piece of waffle half way across the room.  And this is why the dogs love Rachel.  ha!


  1. lol tooo cute!! Love the pictures. Happy early birthday to Rachel seeing as though I do not know her birthdate!! Love the comments after each picture too seems to fit their faces!

  2. Such cuties!!!! Thanks for sharing, Annie!

  3. HAHAHA... my sister came to visit for Christmas and brought her dog, and when he left and I had to go back to cleaning the floor under Chase's high chair I thought, "Man, we should get a dog!" In all honesty, I know a dog is a TON of work, but I felt like I saved a TON of time when the clean up after meals was easier. :) And for some reason, it seems like I always serve spaghetti right after I mop, too. You'd think I would start to recognize the pattern and change my ways at some point, but... nope, or as Parker would say, "Not yet!"