Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rachel Lynn!

Today, our baby turns one...and I am having a little bit of trouble believing it.  I felt like when Elizabeth turned one, I was ready.  I expected felt like it was time.

That couldn't be farther than the truth for Rachel.

I feel like I blinked and missed an entire year!  Yet, I was here for the whole thing...what a blessing.

Rachel was born February 25, 2010 around 10:30 a.m.  Scott and I had checked into the hospital early that morning to get induced - I had spent the last two months 3 cm dilated and was pretty much a HUGE joy to be around...ha!  I was panicked about Allison getting down in time and us getting to the hospital in time and I was really concerned about leaving Elizabeth.  Therefore, when the doctor asked me if I wanted to get the ball rolling, I said YES!

She was precious and beautiful...and demanding and challenging all wrapped up into one.  She wanted to eat like she was starving to death...all the time.

These pictures were obviously taken in the day time because that was when she liked to sleep! she is yelling at me.  She still has this expression sometimes!

First day home.  Elizabeth's hair cracks me up!  She's grown up in a year too!

I love this picture...Elizabeth still takes stuff from Rachel and very rarely does she really care about it.

It amazes me how much their looks change.  Rachel is still serious a lot.  She has every ounce of determination and stubbornness that both Scott and I have in our bodies.  She wants WHAT she wants WHEN she wants it.  But then her smile is so sweet and she will cuddle right into you.

Daddy's little "floofer" as he liked to call her.

Already saying, "Give me that camera, mom..."

Today, her hair is coming in and it looks like it might be blond to us.  She loves anything bread and will pick through all fruit and vegetable in her sight to find what she wants on her tray.  She loves whatever her sister is playing with and will sing and clap her hands to the music in the car.  She really likes books and will point to pictures and "read" to herself.  She loves to be upside down and to be bounced.  And she loves the swings on the playground (and the mulch too...of course...).

She is turning into such the little walker - but will still drop to all fours if she needs to get somewhere fast.  See...determined!

What do you mean, it's my birthday?!

Mommy and Daddy love you, baby girl.  Happy birthday!!

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  1. Adorable! I love all of the pictures...the last is so sweet and she looks like she's definitely a ONE year old! I can't believe it, either. Wow. Congrats to you both! You've made it! ;0) Thanks for sharing these sweet stories when you can of your family. You are a wonderful mother.