Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Things

Amy, I'm stealing your post (from May All Beings Be Well).  I've shared with you that she is in the process of marathon training and recently wrote about how appreciative she is for the little things in her training...the accomplishment of running just a couple miles, nice leg definition, being able to run without her ipod, etc.   

This got me thinking...what is your favorite "little thing" that you noticed that encouraged you to continue on your wellness journey?  I keep calling this a wellness journey because for some of us, it's not just about weight loss, and I completely understand that.  It's nutrition and emotion and spiritual and physical and...WELLNESS!!

I still remember when my youngest sister came to college (she played at the same school where I was coaching...and was even on my pitching staff!  Neat, huh?) and began running and training more than she ever had before.  She was so excited when she ran up to me and said, "Annie! You will never believe what I have now!!  Back dimples!"

Now, I was probably as clueless as I know you are right now.  But she raised the back of her shirt to show me the indentations at the base of her spine that were visible because of her leanness.  

Of course, I just smiled and said, "That's great, Andrea..." in a bless-your-heart kind of way. And after she left, I went in the bathroom to check out if I, too, had back dimples.  

Go ahead and check yours out...I'll wait... :)

I remember being so thankful to see my hip bones when I worked my weight off from both pregnancies (they were MIA for a while!), when I no longer needed the taste of sugar in my coffee anymore because I'd gotten used to using just milk (that was a HUGE step for me!), and when I was able to finally button my pre-baby jeans again.

So what about you?  Please share your little things - because we all can benefit by your positive victories!!


  1. Being able to run 3 minutes, then 5 minutes!! By the end of this week I will be running for 20 minutes!! Wish my luck! I know I have it in me though. Being able to push myself when I didn't have music and still completed the workout. Definition in my legs. Feeling my hip bones, definition in my abs. Definition in my arms and bicepts! I will let you keep going because I am sure you see where this is going! LOL Definition and the new found love for running and accomplishing has kept me going! Great post for sure! Love that I see similar things in the post that keep me going as well!

  2. I used to have one or two cups of coffee a day. Maxwell house daily brew...with of course french vanilla coffeemate or vanilla caramel..then I started taking a supplement that had caffeiene in it and I didnt want to overdo it. Now that I am going to something different I think I will start drinking coffee again!