Saturday, February 19, 2011

What do YOU classify as a date night?!

Tonight found me crabby and irritable and my husband suggested a garage workout instead of a date.  I agreed, hoping it would get me out of my funk. did and then some.  

Scott stumbled upon BODYROCK while looking for a body weight workout earlier today and this woman is incredible!  We tried her 550 Rep Muscle Murder Workout tonight after watching the video and all I can say is holy moly...  Scott finished in 33 minutes and I finished in 38 - which is only because I know I didn't do everything correctly.  

Photo courtesy of
Like this little move, for example.  I had to do these on my forearm after collapsing after trying two with the straight arm.  My push-ups were also ridiculous.  I would say I'm going to continue to work on this workout, but I get the drift that she posts a new at-home workout daily so I may work these into days I can't get to the gym. 

Plus, they are inspirational to watch while I munch on a few Hershey Kisses...which my husband caught me doing after dinner..."like a true Mama Wants her Pre-Baby Body Back," he said.  ha!  

I'm off to shower before my arms lock up on me. 

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