Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Need a little jump rope variety?

If you've taken up jump rope and added it into your daily or weekly workout routine, then you may be bored out of your gourd by now with just jumping....and jumping...and jumping...

Elizabeth, however, is never bored with just jumping and stole Mommy's new Buddy Lee jump rope to show off her skills.  As you can hear, Rachel is unimpressed.

Perhaps YOU are looking to add some variety?  Check out the following  jumping options (making sure that you are jumping one time for each rotation - not adding a little double jump in between).

In-outs (jump your feet like the bottom of a jumping jack - in, out, in, out)
Front-backs (switch your feet front and back - meet them up in the middle)
Twists (keep your feet together and twist to one side - back to middle - then to the other side)
Two jumps on each foot (jump twice one foot, holding the other in the air, then switch)
Runner - or Speed (single feet jumps each time the rope turns, so it feels like you're running)

So if you need a cardio workout today, try the following (remembering that I always count every other my 100 is actually 200.  5 sets are a lot easier than, they are easier to count!)

1,000 straight jumps.  You can rest/walk around after every set if you need to.
1 set In-Outs
1 set Front-backs
1 set Straight jumps
1 set two jumps each foot
1 set twists
Finish with 100 crunches

Good luck!


  1. She is adorable! I hope my husband helps me clean up the basement (storage area) soon so I have a place to jump while this weather is bad. Thanks for sharing this, Annie.

  2. Oh, she's so cute! I think I may have to try this -- I really need to mix up my cardio routine, especially during the winter!

  3. If you have the Wii Fit, you can try doing the running exercise with your jump rope instead.