Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hot Lips!

Listening to Elizabeth talk is one of the funniest parts of her growing up.  The more time I spend with her, the more I understand her and she never ceases to amaze me with the things that come out of her mouth.  She repeats full sentences...a lot...sometimes to my chagrin.  

She doesn't say her r's, which I figure is normal.  And her l's sound like y's.  She tends to run words together so unless you know the phrase she's saying, it can be hard to catch.  Other than that, things come out pretty clear.  But funny.

The other day, she sat on Scott's lap and began messing with the zipper on his sweater.  She said, "Oooo, Daddy!  I yika you shirt!"
She tells Rachel all the time that she "yikas" her outfit.  

The other morning, I got out of bed and was wearing a nightshirt (we had a couple of warmer evenings last week, which was WONDERFUL).  Elizabeth took one look at me and said, "Mama!  Where you pants??"  So after I explained to her that it was a nightshirt and that you didn't need to wear pj pants with them, she nodded in recognition and told me, "I yika you heart shirt..."  (It had a heart on it...ha!)

Now, tie this in with her normal 2-year-old tendency to want attention and crave mischief and you get our child.  She is all the time telling me that something hurts so she can get cream rubbed into it or a band-aid put on it.

"Mama, my finger...," she says, sticking any one of her fingers in the air, with her lip poked out.
"Mama, my back."
"Mama, my yeg."

You get the idea.

Now, the other half of this is that she likes to grab things that she knows she's not supposed to have and run.  A cell phone.  A remote.  A camera.  Some sort of wrapper that falls out of the trash.  She also loves climbing up to inspect anything left on the table when dinner is over.

So the other evening, we had gotten takeout from a local burger place and Scott thought he'd treat himself with some spicy french fries.  The girls and I got regular and he got some with a little heat.  (You already see where this is going, right?)

After dinner, I took Rachel into her room to change her diaper when I heard Scott yelling at Elizabeth to get off the table and heard her feet take off down the hallway.  She stopped momentarily and then immediately started yelling for me.


My husband was dying laughing, telling me that she had taken one of his spicy fries from off the table and had obviously sampled it.  We then had a four-ring circus as Scott tried to get the sippy for Elizabeth to fix her burning "yips"... Elizabeth threw the spicy fry on the floor... Rachel grabbed it and immediately stuck it in her mouth and I tried to get it away from Rachel. 

We figured that would be the end of her getting on the table until the next night, when she climbed up and took a big chomp out of a piece of a red onion. 

Ah well...enjoy the ride, right?

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  1. Your family tales are hilarious! I can relate to some...when I went to the eye doctor the other day, Jayna told the optometrist that her eyes hurt and tried to get in the examining chair to have her check up...but it was just for me to make sure my contacts were fitting. Then I took her to the pediatrician for her face (really bad place that was constantly red and peeling right by her mouth - probably from sucking her thumb in the winter month) and instead of letting me talk to the doctor, she kept saying, "My leg hurts!" even though I knew nothing was wrong with it. But it made the doctor look!!!