Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesdays with Daddy

Tuesday evenings, I give a couple lessons and Scott gets home early and takes care of the girls.  Normally, I have dinner ready on the stove and the house semi-picked up and he feeds them and gets them ready for bed.  NORMALLY, it is a pretty seamless process.  Tag-off!  Daddy in for Mommy!

The past two Tuesdays, Elizabeth has had other plans.

We went great for about a month and then last Tuesday, the wheels fell off.  Dinner was over and the girls were playing.  Scott was cleaning up the kitchen and got a phone call.  During the call, Rachel crawled past him and he noticed a massive poop stain up the back of her onesie.  Rushing off the call, he scooped her up and took her to her room to clean her up...not noticing Elizabeth passing him with the stool from the bathroom.  It was bath time, so he left Rachel naked and walked out to find Elizabeth, standing on the stool, dumping dirt out of the Christmas cactus all over the floor.  (She has NEVER messed with that plant!!)  

Then, as he was filling up the bath tub, the sound of water was too much for naked Rachel and she peed all over him.  So I walked in the door to a living room floor of cactus dirt, an unhappy (and wet) daddy and two bathing beauties in the tub.  

We really thought it was a fluke until last night.  To hear Scott tell it, the evening was going great and the girls were both in good moods.  Elizabeth was an angel, reading her books in the living room, so he decided to go ahead and give Rachel her bath.  He was rinsing her off when he heard Elizabeth behind him.

"Daddy, wite walls."

"What, honey?  You like the water?  Do you see Rachel in the water?"

"Daddy...wite walls!"

It was then that he noticed the orange crayon in our two-year-old's hand.  (Now side note that we color every day and EVERY DAY I make sure I pick up all the crayons so Rachel doesn't eat them.  She has never gone towards the walls.)  Who knows where she found this crayon...under the bookcase or something.  He turned around and the lid and seat of the potty was orange.  He put Rachel in a towel and walked down the hallway and there were big, loopy squiggles all down the walls in the hallway.  

Elizabeth, during her color time...I have no idea how I could have lost track of a crayon!
"Wite walls, Daddy!!"

So he got Rachel dressed and found the Magic Eraser (which has saved our lives many times!) and cleaned the walls.  When I walked in the door, Rachel was happy and Elizabeth was in the tub.

"How did it go?" I asked my husband.

"Did you notice anything when you walked in the door?" he asked.


"In that case, it went great!"

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  1. Ohhhhnnnnnnooooooooooooo! I hope Tuesdays begin to go better for Daddy and girls soon! It can be never know what those little two year olds are going to get into at this age!!!! For example, the last few weeks, despite my placing it out of her reach, Jayna has decided to sneak out of bed after bedtime, find it, and play with TOOTHPASTE...and not the toddler toothpaste, but the Crest stuff. She smears it all over the walls, door, sinks, toothbrushes (all of them, not just her own), and sometimes we even find it in the tub. Luckily, I haven't found paste in the toilet yet. I hope she is staying out of it! Then when we tell her no, that's not a a good idea and she has to STOP it, so she starts crying and apologizing: "I'm sorry, Mommy!" or "I'm sorry, Daddy! I'm sorry!" And it's hard not to smile at her little, innocent voice though we want to stress to her the importance of not wasting and making messes. Good luck! :)