Saturday, January 1, 2011

Workout with my Mama

My mom has been visiting for the past week and I had the wonderful blessing of getting to workout with her everyday!!  Talk about an example in commitment!  She jumped right into our  routine and went to the Y with us (someone else to help me haul in my circus = AWESOME!).  Mom's usual week consists of walking the hills of WV for cardio every day and then doing two days of weights in her living room.  So it was nice to push her outside of her box for a little bit. 

My the process of making bread for our New Year's dinner!
Let me take just a moment to brag on my mom.  She is 60 years old and you'd never guess it to look at her.  She has made a life commitment to be in shape and eat right - currently, she is on a mission to build her bone density without the use of prescription drugs.  She only drinks water and tea and rarely eats fast food or drinks soda.  Her one vice is chocolate (I get it naturally!) but she curbs that craving with dark chocolate covered raisins.  She is constantly learning and got into weights at the same time that I was learning (after I graduated high school).

People always complement her on her energy and I take a lot of pride in the fact that we are alike in that area.  Thank you, mom, for your constant example and I am so proud to be your daughter.

I am going to include our workouts in case you are looking for ideas for your week - I would label this as intermediate.  Good luck!

Mother/Daughter Workout of the half-week  (she didn't get into town until Tuesday evening, so this begins on Wednesday.)  When you workout with a partner, it's nice to alternate your lifts because no one gets stuck standing around.  Unless you are lifting heavy - then you might need the rest time.  But we were after burning calories, so we kept moving at a pretty fast pace.

Wednesday - biceps 
Warm-up walk for 15 minutes on track
Super-women (challenge of the week!) - 10 each side
3 x 10 Cable bicep curls with bar (alternated with)
3 x 20 Crunches on the ball
3 x 12 Single arm bicep cable curl (alternated with)
3 x 12 Tricep rope pushdowns
3 x 15 DB hammer curls (alternated with)
3 x 15 DB single arm tricep overhead press
15 minute walk-to-jog treadmill intervals

Thursday- legs and abs
Warm-up walk for 15 minutes on track
Super-women (challenge of the week!) - 10 on each side (less grumbling today by my mother!)
3 x 15 leg extension machine (alternated with)
3 x 15 straight leg (or bent knee) raises on Roman Chair
3 x 15 leg curl machine (alternated with)
3 x 20 incline sit-ups
3 x 15 leg press followed by 3 x 15 calf presses (alternated with)
3 x 25 Russian twists on floor with 5 lb weight

Friday - chest, back and shoulders (we didn't alternate these)
Warm-up walk for 15 minutes on track
Super-women (challenge of the week!) - 10 on each side
3 x 10 bench press (a first for my mom!!)
3 x 10 hammer-strength incline press machine
3 x 10 lat pull-downs
3 x 10 machine rows
3 x 10 lat raises followed by 3 x 10 front raises

Saturday- full body and abs
Warm-up walk for 15 minutes on track
Super-women (challenge of the week!) - 10 on each side
10 box (or low step) jumps
20 flat-back toe touches with a medicine ball
10 straight-leg feet lowers
10 bench step-ups holding a weight over-head
3 x 10 butt blasters
15 minute walk-to-jog treadmill intervals

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