Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Working out the post-Christmas sludge

Does anyone else feel like their blood is running just a little bit heavy?  We have done nothing but eat and stay in the house (we've had some sick little elves here) and eat and watch TV and eat...  I got to have my favorite leftover sandwich today (turkey, cheese, Stovetop stuffing and cranberry relish...yum) and we've had dessert after every meal. 

So today, we jumped at the chance to go to the Y and get everyone moving just a little bit.  

My father-in-law came to share the holiday with us and joined Scott and me in our workout today.  We worked hard for a good hour and shared sweaty hugs and pats on the back when it was done.  There is something about performing a great workout with another person that bonds you - I'm not sure if it's the common thread or the commitment of health for yourself and the other person.  You can pray together and talk together but it's that final element of being active together just completes such a powerful triangle. 

Scott and his dad
Our workout went something like this...

10 supermen (or superwomen!) - each part
10 pushups
10 body-weight squats
10 pushups
10 military sit-ups
10 pushups
10 bird-dogs (tutorial to come)

Rotate through 3 times:
10 snatches into 5 shoulder presses
8 reverse pull-ups on bar
8 jump switch lunges

Rotate through 3 times:
10 each shoulder plate circuit (tutorial to come)
10 incline DB press
10 lat pull-downs

Rotate through 3 times:
10 cable bar curl
10 ab wheels
10 tricep rope pushdown

Then I had to race to get the girls before the nursery closed!

Love you, Barry!

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  1. I think just reading that was enough of a workout for me ;) Glad you enjoyed it!