Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a Dog's Life

Butch has been limping just a little bit lately.  He seems to be favoring one of his hips and Scott made the comment that he thought sleeping on a bed might help him, instead of the floor.  This makes sense to me only because I had to lay down with Elizabeth on the floor ("Mama, yay down...") during our recent trips around the world and my hips hurt when I got up.  

We have dog beds in the garage, but I am grossed out by the thought of bringing them in, so I put them on my list of things to look for.  When I was at Kohl's on Saturday (with the crazies!), they had large dog beds on sale for $11.  Awesome!  I bought two.  

That night, we set one of them up in the living room when we let the dogs in.  Butch sat on it and it looked like a little throw pillow underneath him.  He looked at me like, "What do you want me to do with this, mother?"  As soon as he got off, Tina ran over and mauled herself all into it, so Scott and I decided to take the other back to Kohl's and get a bigger one that I had seen at Target.  

The hard part came when we couldn't tell Butch that.  Poor buddy...there was Tina all warm and cozy on her new bed and he was still on the floor.  He looked at us like, "So Tina can sit on the couch and jump on the big bed and now she gets her own little pillow??!!  What gives?"
Sunday morning was too cold and windy to take our snot nosed, sick kids to church so I ran to Target to get diapers and Butch's new bed.  Yesterday was so cold that they stayed inside all day, even with our heathen children running around.  He must like it!

Oh...and so does Tina...much better than last year at this time.

Merry Christmas, Butchy...

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