Friday, December 17, 2010

Packers Pasta

So, I don't claim to be much of a cook, although my family is far from starving.  Last summer, we got into quite the pesto kick and my husband's favorite dish quickly because chicken pesto pasta.  I mean, we had this at least once a week - more, if you count left-over night!  It is his go-to when I ask him what he wants for dinner, the same as Elizabeth's is pizza.

"What do you want for dinner?"

"Ummm (insert sly grin)...chicken pesto pasta?"

Well, I attempted to plant a bunch of basil and killed most of it, but I ended up with quite a bit of pesto in my freezer.  (Turns out, you're not supposed to strip one plant of all it's leaves...WHO KNEW?!)  So when I heard my husband's request this week, I thought it might be something you'd be interested in.  I like it because it is yet another way I can sneak vegetables and chicken into Elizabeth.

But wait, Annie...  Vegetables?  Ah...I forgot to tell you that the sweet man that runs Bobby and Judy's produce stand talked me into three yellow squash when we were there last week.  (He was making my baby giggle by tickling her toes - I wasn't going to say no.  Good salesman!)  So I needed to use those.

I cooked my noodles (I love Ronzoni's smart taste and also the Barilla plus...because Miss Picky won't eat noodles unless they're white...sigh...) and saved a little water when I drained them.  I threw the pasta back in the pot with the leftover water and a little butter.  Added pesto (I had 1 cup frozen) and chicken (I had 2 cups shredded, also frozen).   When I was cooking the noodles, I chopped up the squash and tossed it into my electric steamer for 10 minutes.  So it was ready at the same time and I threw it into the pot too and mixed it all together.  Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder and plated with Parmesan cheese.

I thought it looked pretty and if Stacie was making it, I bet she'd call it Packers Pasta (cue the title).  I liked it.  Elizabeth liked it and actually ate a couple pieces of squash before she was onto me.  Scott crinkled his nose at the yellow in his favorite dish.  He hates when I mix in vegetables and would like them better on the side.  Me?  I like when they end up in my two-year-old's belly and mixing makes that happen.  


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