Friday, December 17, 2010

The Poot...

We laugh daily about the things that come out of Elizabeth's mouth.  I swear, the kid remembers words, phrases, songs and even intonation of phrases.  Her favorite thing to say now is basically that she has something or likes to do something too - normally to identify with something on TV or in a book.  For instance, there is one book that Scott was reading the other night and the character had on a pair of boots...

"I wear boots too...,"  she said.

Rachel says, "I look out the window for kitties too!"

All the words tie together so fast that it's sometimes hard to catch.  It's probably better to write with hyphens:  "I-have-pincess-tent-too..."  "I-eat-pizza-too..."  And it is ALL. THE. TIME.  "I-take-bath-too..."  "I-poo-poo-in-potty-too..."

Speaking of which...

Sometimes I am stumped how to teach the girls things except to just tell them that this is this and that is that.  Like directions.  How else do you teach up and down?  This is up and this is down.  Got it.  Somehow, my child hasn't gotten confused.  This is apple.  This is yellow...yellow banana.  I expected to teach all of these things.  But yesterday, I almost died with the next required lesson.

I'm picking up the living room, and Elizabeth comes in YELLING, "Mama!  Poo-poo in potty!!  Mama!!  YOU potty!!"  That means, she wants me to take her to my potty.  Fine.  So we go in and get all set on the big potty.  She gets all serious and red-faced and...farted...

I mean, it was a loud one.

She was so proud!  "Mama!  I poo-poo in the potty!!"  And then she gets down and sings the potty song (I own the copyright...), "Poo-poo in the pot-TY!  Poo-poo...(she stops) Hey!  Where the poo-poo?"  

I had no idea how to go about this in the right way, so I just went with the same manner that I had described everything else.  "Honey, you pooted.  You didn't poo-poo, you pooted."  

My two year old took that in, paused a moment and ran out to tell Rachel.  

"Rachel, I-poot-too..."


  1. That one totally had me giggling!

  2. P loves to use phrases he hears on television, in books, etc. too. A few weeks ago, we were visiting my mom and dad, and he looks at a toy and says, "This is not too shabby." We crack up, and my mom asked me where he got it. I was about to say I didn't know when we heard a character on his Handy Manny movie say, "Not too shabby, eh?" :)