Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Talker

So I have to admit that Elizabeth is a completely different animal now that she can talk.  Scott and I both are amazed at the conversations we can now have with our daughter.  I may be crazy, but I swear her behavior has improved now that she can tell me more about what she wants or needs. least we're back to even-keel after our post-traveling-and-getting-spoiled-by-every-relative-that-sees-us behavior roller coaster last week.  

Anyway, last week, we had gone to the store and one of the things I picked up was ice cream.  Elizabeth clearly noticed, asking me for it through most of Kroger.  She is a sucker for sweets (gets it naturally!).

So that night at dinner, I can't remember what we had, but Elizabeth did a pretty good job eating and we were getting up to clear the table.  My child barely glanced in my direction and turned to face Scott head-on.

"Dada, ice cream?"

Scott didn't answer, but looked at me with an expression that both asked if we even had ice cream and expressed disbelief that she had asked him without consulting me.

Before he could answer, she decided to give it another go...still looking at him, expectantly...

"Babe?**  Ice cream??"

I'm not sure who shot water out of their nose further, but regardless, it was her daddy that said, "Of course, honey, you can have some ice cream."  And went to fix it.

Pulling out the bowls, my dear husband asked me if I would like some too.

"Well sure, babe, if you're fixing it, I'll take some ice cream too."

And our little girl was very happy. 

**We have tried to explain to Elizabeth that when we call each other "Babe" or "Baby" it is just another nice name that mommies and daddies call each other.  It's been pretty confusing for her to comprehend and pretty confusing for us to explain as well.  Therefore, I completely understand why, on the Swiss Family Robinson, they always referred to each other as Mother and Father...ha!


  1. hahahaha, awesome story! I can just see your little girl saying, "Babe! ice cream?" That is too cute!!! Definitely a child's behavior improves once they are able to communicate better. I have found that to be true with all three of mine.

  2. This is a great story! (We have the bowl ERS is using at our house, too!) P asked for ice cream after lunch yesterday, but he went a step further and requested "chocit" topping!