Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look...

This may be the best Christmas ever.  If you are not around small children and get to experience their Christmas excitement, please come to my house and breathe in Elizabeth.  I have never been more pumped about a holiday than I am this year.  And it's all because of her.  

"Mama!  Kiss-muss tree!!"

"Mama! Yights!!"

Sunday, we decorated the house and she could not get enough of the lights and decorations - it really makes me wish we had more stuff.  (My husband just choked reading this, I know...)

Elizabeth, sticking the peelie ornaments on the window.  Thank you, Aunt Teresa!
I got the biggest kick out of decorating the tree.  Elizabeth would hand me ornaments and Rachel would try to eat the paper they'd been wrapped in.  "Mama, hang it ov-ah the-yah...on the kiss-muss tree!"  Of course, they all had to go high, so the poor tree is top-heavy and the girls jump all over the floor on the colored reflections the LED lights put off (like a colored disco ball).  Well...Elizabeth jumps.  Rachel swats at it.

Daddy taking a break from hauling in boxes to hold his girl.

She fusses at me to turn on the lights (yights!) as soon as we walk in the door and they both especially love the fiber optic penguin Aunt Lynn gave us.  Rachel has tried to grab it several times, with no success...yet...

We've created a dessert monster.  ERS loves pumpkin pie!!
Why are you taking a picture and not picking me up, woman??!!
Elizabeth in her new warm-up suit that her Aunt Andrea gave her before gymnastics.
I am really looking forward to December and experiencing these firsts with our girls.  Much more to come!!

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