Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exercise, Mama!!

Tuesdays are our crazy days and there really isn't time to get to the Y, so Elizabeth and I exercise in the house.  And exercise, for my two-year-old, requires a headband.

There is nothing that will make you giggle more than exercising with a little one.  So if you're looking for something fun to do this afternoon, crank up some 80's music and rock out.  Our workout is below!

10 jumping jacks (count them LOUD!)
10 toe touches to hands on your hips
10 grasshopper hops (we do these down the hallway, feet together)
10 baby-kiss push-ups (she lays down on the floor and I give her kisses as I do push-ups)
10 swing-the-baby squats (she gets her baby doll and I get my 9 month old - on the squat, lower baby, then raise out in front as you come up)
10 tip-toe calf raises
10 side leg raises - a la Jane Fonda (do each side!)

Do it again, mama!!


  1. Too cute! And you are such a great example to your girls...not just telling them how to take care of them bodies but showing them and doing it along with them. Good for you! Jayna and I played "Just Dance for KIDS" on the Wii this morning. She kept wanting "Kung Fu Fighting" over and over again. She loves that song and is so active to it.