Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Workout with My Mama

Thank you so much for all your sweet well wishes on my mom's visit.  I love having her here...in addition to the extra help around the house with the housework and the girls. 

Sometimes it's just the little things - like last night, I came downstairs after getting the girls down and sat on the couch and visited with Mom and Scott.  The kitchen was cleaned up, the food put away...what a difference an extra set of hands make!

Anyway, yesterday was crazy with our schedule but with this back injury, I was able to do a little bit of cardio.  I walked with a high incline (3.5 speed with 8.0 incline) for 25 minutes and then did the elliptical for 15 minutes and felt pretty good this morning.  So mom and I checked the girls in the nursery and she gave me evil looks as we went through the following workout.  If your mom is visiting as well, maybe you would be interested in having such together time.  ;)

Workout with My Mama - biceps and triceps addition

20 minutes warm up on elliptical
Alternate 3 times through:
     2 minutes VersaClimber (the last time through, I did 30 sec sprint intervals...thanks for the idea, Amy!)
     1 minute planks
     1 minute kettlebell swings
**Cue evil look after the second rotation when I assured Mom that we had just one more to go!
Superset alternating bicep curls (3x12) with bench dips (3x12)
Superset cable bicep bar curl (3x12) with tricep rope pushdowns (3x12)

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