Monday, August 8, 2011

House tour - Day 2: The Kitchen

Just let me begin by saying that our house is sectioned into rooms.  I know that a lot of people are looking for an open concept right now - and we certainly weren't against one - but our budget came in first on our wish list and this house checked off in a lot of other areas.  So the kitchen isn't "open," but at the same time, it isn't small either.   Coming from the small, galley kitchen in our rental house, I was in no position to complain!

I actually don't mind this linoleum - it cleans up well and hides a lot of dirt.  Eventually, we'd like to put hardwoods through the entire downstairs, but that's very long term - as we're in the land of dogs and sippy cups now.  The wallpaper doesn't drive me up the walls (ha!), but we'll change it eventually.  It looks like they updated the light fixture too, but when we decide to make changes in here, we'll change that as well.

My dream would be to do white cabinets with black pulls and a copper colored counter top.  And then we'd like to find some sort of island that could also double as a bar to feed the girls when they get older.  That little chicken over the sink used to be in Chris's kitchen when I was growing up and it always makes me smile when I'm cooking.

This is about as clean as we get for a Monday afternoon...  I do love all the cabinet space and pretty much everything has it's place, which is wonderful.

Ugh...then there's this area.  I do like having a desk in the kitchen...HOWEVER, I am not the type of person that leaves her desk in a situation that appeals to company.  Those little nooks over the desk are nice but I still haven't found a good system for them and I'm so embarrassed by the cabinets above, I won't even open them for you to see.  We have our eye out to move this whole shootin' match upstairs to our bedroom.  The fridge is old but will go out in the garage when it kicks the bucket.  It is clean and has an ice maker, which is really nice. 

Pantry...small, but a lot handier than what we've known.  And yes, there is a knob missing in that top left hand desk drawer, because MY CHILDREN WILL NOT STOP TURNING KNOBS!!  They are driving me crazy with it, so I've just started a collection in a Ziploc bags of knobs they've removed with the screw...I dream of pulls...;)

And behind doors one and two??

The most awkward laundry layout ever...I've banged my noggin on that header so many times - but you can't move it because of the stairway.  So, we're hoping to plan for some sort of renovation here.

Laundry storage...

We have one half bath downstairs, which is really handy and it's off the kitchen.  It, too, is outdated and we'll eventually remove the wallpaper and update everything...but for right now, everything is functional and we're not really in the point of life that we can have nice things, so it really works out.  

What's next?  We'll see which room is the cleanest tomorrow to take pictures...thanks for caring, guys!!

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  1. "We're not really at the point in life where we can have nice things." <--I can so relate to this. Grubby little hands have a way of finding the walls and furniture and mama's new shirt.