Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fair Play!

I just have to pause in the middle of my house tour here to show you some adorable adorable-ness.  This week is our county fair and it is just down the road from our house and Scott and I thought the girls might enjoy seeing some animals and just going through the whole fair experience.  I hadn't been to a fair since college and it had been a while for Scott too so we were really looking forward to it as well. 

I'm not sure who had a better time:  them or us witnessing them.

We got to see some animals and go walk through a little farm tour and eat fair food and ride rides and oh-my-goodness it was just a wonderful time!  Please enjoy these pictures.  I think Scott and I will never be able to erase the look of joy on their faces when they rode on the rides for the first time.  What a blessing this parenthood thing is!!

Brushing the doesn't really matter which side of the comb I use, does it Dad?
At the cow milking station
So, let me get this want me to do WHAT with these things??
Family photo opp in front of the Hee Haw sign...too bad Rachel was too distracted with her basket!  This could have been the Christmas card!
Ok, Mama, I got it...walk behind, look through the hole...woah...
Seriously,'ve gotta try this.  Mom gets all excited when you do.
Elizabeth took the first solo ride.  Scott and I didn't realize that Rachel was tall enough until a couple minutes later.
Oh, and did we ever feel horrible for little sister on that first, long ride.
Luckily, the second ride was manned by a gentleman who kindly pointed out that Rachel WAS tall enough and off she bounded to join big sis.  Can you hear her squeal of joy from this picture?  This moment is on my heart forever.
I cannot believe they did this ride, but they loved it as well.
Hi Mama!!  Can you see that little face peering down? 

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