Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week in review

Anessa and little John are coming in today and I still need to clean the guest bathroom, so please enjoy the pics and I'm sure I will have adventures to write about once we add a 10 month old to the mix!

Silly me for not specifying which shoes I wanted her to get to go to the Y...  This is also a good shot of what her daddy refers to as 'the rat tail.'  Mommy calls it the curl. 

I don't think Rachel got this herself.

What?  I'm busy!

Really?  You want me to smile when this thing is squeezing my head?!  

We were so blessed to get to see the Dilbecks this past weekend.  Here is Robin with Miss Disgruntled herself. 

Victoria and Elizabeth...chillin' to Sesame Street.

But Mom...you said get ready!

Yeah...I don't really know what happened to that baby...

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  1. I love Elizabeth's collection of sunglasses =)