Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our little girls

Funny how two can be so different and so similar at the same time.  It amazes me how much we have forgotten about Elizabeth as a baby - and it wasn't that long ago!  So here is to comparing the two...

If Rachel is tired, she will go down awake.  As long as she doesn't see or hear you, she'll fall asleep.  With  Elizabeth, you had to either nurse or rock her to sleep and then pray that she didn't wake up in the transition to the bed.  

Elizabeth never cared for rattles or shakers, but Rachel really likes them.  They both love that sound of crinkle paper and Elizabeth has always had a thing for tags.  She used to reach around the Boppy and find the tag and rub it in her fingers to go to sleep.  She still looks for the tags on things now.

Same outfit (thanks, Aunt Lynn!), 1 year later! ERS on top, RLS  on bottom.

Rachel will sit in the bouncy chair or swing for a while.  Most nights, Scott comes home to the sounds of Elmo on the TV and the rain forest setting on the swing, as I'm trying to distract both kids to get dinner made.  Elizabeth always wanted to be held - she had a 10 minute tolerance for all baby furniture.

Rachel won't eat if she's not hungry...Elizabeth never said no to a meal.  This is funny because when we look back at Elizabeth at 7 weeks, she is such a little chunk, although Rachel seems like a big baby - she's longer limbed and doesn't quite have the Michelin look going on yet!

Elizabeth would take a bottle and Rachel seems content to starve to death until I get home...much to the chagrin of whoever is watching her.  

Elizabeth was exposed to more people.  By this time, she was in daycare at Carleta's and was held by all my pitching moms.  I hate that Rachel doesn't have that opportunity, but she's done well at the Y nursery so far.

Rachel goes from 0 to 60 with her temper in a hurry and it's hard to calm her down once she gets going.  In turn, she sucks in air like crazy, so she is the gassiest baby you've ever met.  The kid is always farting or burping.  She fakes the women out at the Y and they are always checking her diaper.  Yeah...that's what I want to be known for...the mom of the farter and mulch eater at the Y...

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