Thursday, April 1, 2010

The great outdoors

Woo-hoo!  Over 70 degrees today!  Time to get some sun on our legs and get outside!  I am so ready for summer, I can hardly wait...  I didn't realize until I was getting Elizabeth dressed that she hasn't had shorts on since last summer and she looked at me like I was making her go outside naked and pressed her little knees together to cover herself up.  She soon forgot all about them though, as she sprinted through the yard, picking up every stick and rock to give to the dogs.  Here is our latest adventure in pictures - I apologize if they're grainy.  I took them with the cell phone.

Pink shirt, orange shorts, green and yellow shoes... Don't judge me by how I dress my children!  We were in the backyard!

I found this swing at a consignment sale to put Elizabeth in when I was coaching.  It works in the backyard too and Rachel actually laughed yesterday at the lights that blink!  (I know!  The disgruntled child laughs...go figure!)

Beep, beep!

Ah, my crew.

Here, Butchy.  Here is a leaf for you.

How about you, Tina?  Do you want my leaf?

How my child found this sand, I have no idea.  Looks like it's time for a sandbox!  Hear that, Daddy?  Outdoor toys!!

One of the only survivors from the SC house...the rose bush from Tammy.  

And here's the other survivor...the hydrangea from Brenda.  This one has an especially tough spirit, having lived through an accidental "pruning" by Scott with the weed-eater.

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